A New Bank For (Real) Americans

The war on freedom loving Americans has taken a new turn with the “woke” culture’s insinuation into the banking system. A major bank has just closed the business account of Donald Trump Junior with no notice and no reason. It remains to be seen if this is the result of some politically correct moron in the bank or something even more sinister like pressure from the corrupted FBI or DOJ, but conservatives are at last fighting back.

A new bank is being founded. Old Glory Bank is taking reservations now, and has recruited some big names to promote it including Ben Carson, Larry Elder and singer-songwriter John Rich.

The people behind the bank appear to have been inspired more by the sinister developments north of the border when Canada’s virtual dictator Justin Trudeau froze the accounts of everyone who dared support the trucker convoy. What will be the next step, freeze the accounts of everyone who refuses a regular covid vaccine injection or to kneel for Black Lives Matter?

If you are an American citizen and your politics are even slightly to the right of Leon Trotsky, don’t do business with people who hate you, instead visit the Old Glory website and sign up. Who knows, it might start a trend. Anyone wanna bet against Kanye West opening an account in a month or two?

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