Harris lost 92% of her staff in 3 years – watchdog

Only four of the US vice president’s 47 original employees haven’t left her team, the NGO OpenTheBooks says

US Vice President Kamala Harris has a staggering staff turnover rate of 91.5%, transparency watchdog OpenTheBooks reported on Monday, citing disclosures from the Senate. The revelation came days after President Joe Biden ended his reelection campaign and endorsed Harris as his replacement. 

An NGO that monitors government spending, OpenTheBooks has analyzed the list of titles and names of the staffers at the Office of the Vice President that was lifted from the semi-annual report of the Secretary of the Senate.

“As of March 31, 2024, only four of the initial 47 staffers from the first year are still employed – consistently and without interruption – by the vice president,” the group said.

The turnover rate for Biden’s staffers is 77%, as only 127 of his initial 560 White House employees have remained in their position since 2021, OpenTheBooks said. 

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With Biden out of the 2024 race, what’s the Deep State’s next move?

Harris’ problems with retaining staff have been reported in the past, with The Hill describing her team as a “revolving door.” The political news website said in the summer of 2022 that more than 13 “high-profile aides” had left the vice president in less than a year. 

Axios has cited “burnout, better opportunities and concern about being permanently branded a ‘Harris person’” as some of the reasons behind the high turnover rate at the vice president’s office.

Biden announced that he was leaving the race on Sunday, after weeks of growing concerns among Democrats and their supporters over his declining health and the ability to defeat former President Donal Trump in November.

Although Biden and multiple prominent Democrats have backed Harris as the party’s candidate for the presidency, the nominee will be officially decided at a convention next month.

During her first campaign rally on Tuesday, Harris accused Trump of wanting to “take our country backward,” and spreading “chaos, fear and hate.” 

Trump, in turn, has accused Harris of failing to tackle the illegal immigration crisis at the US border with Mexico, suggesting that “she could be far less competent” than Biden, “which is hard to believe.”

CBS-News Sunday Morning makes clear that CBS is still the best mainstream news-medium.

Eric Zuesse (blogs at https://theduran.com/author/eric-zuesse/)

How often do U.S. mainstream news-media report honestly what Israel — armed by donated U.S. weapons — is doing to Gazans? Never — until July 21st, when “CBS News Sunday Morning” featured this extraordinarily courageous 10-minute news-segment:



Children of Gaza

CBS Sunday Morning, July 21st


It documents that Israel’s statements, such as “The IDF [Israel Defense Force] has never, and will never, deliberately target children,” and “The IDF calls and acts for the evacuation of the civilian population from combat zones to safer zones,” are lies (the first because direct targeting of civilian children is shown; the second because many non-U.S. news-media have already documented that when civilians go to what Israel calls ‘safe areas,’ they then get bombed there, too).

This ten-minute documentary is every bit as good as the best, and might even be the very best, of all of the news-reporting that has been done of the ethnic cleansing if not extermination of Gazans, that is going on there, by Israel and America.

Unlike many of the other reports, it even makes clear that, as one interviewed American doctor [Vice President of the International College of Surgeons, who has volunteered in numerous disaster-zones] who recently visited there, said, “I’ve never seen that before, never seen more incinerated children than I’ve seen in my entire life combined. I’ve seen more shredded children in just the first week, shredded — missing body parts, being crushed by their [bombed] building, [that being] the greatest majority, or bomb explosions [directly] the next greatest majority. We’ve taken shrapnel as big as my thumb out of 8-year-olds. And then there’s sniper bullets, I have children that were shot twice. I have two children in Gaza that I have photographs of that were shot so perfectly in the chest  I couldn’t put my stethoscope over their heart more accurately, and directly on the side of the head in the same child … shot twice … dead-center shots.” The reporter then said, “In fact, more than 20 doctors recently in Gaza, also told Sunday Morning about gunshot wounds to children. One American doctor told us he even reviewed CT scans to confirm what he saw, because he quote didn’t believe that this many children could be admitted to a single hospital [an American hospital] with gunshot wounds to the head.” Then video footage was shown of such sniper-shootings killing children. However, the vast majority of killings there are by buildings collapsing onto people, and from starvation because of Israel’s blockade against food and medicine into Gaza. CBS showed an incredibly long line-up of aid trucks just waiting to be allowed into Gaza; but whether they will ever be allowed in, is uncertain.

Other than this report, all of the entirely honest news-reports that I have seen of what’s happening in Gaza are from pro-Palestinian news-sites, such as this one.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

Israeli lawmakers back declaring UN agency ‘terrorist’

Three bills in the Knesset aim to ban the UNRWA as an accomplice of Hamas

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) may be declared a terrorist organization, its staff stripped of immunity and its activities inside Israel outlawed, under a series of bills that have been proposed in the Knesset.

The UNRWA was established in 1949 to deal with Palestinian refugees and has a mandate to operate in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza. Israel has accused it of aiding and abetting Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups.

“We are on the UN’s blacklist in any case. All the excessive morality ended on October 7,” MK Yulia Malinovsky of Yisrael Beitenu, who proposed to designate the UNRWA as a terrorist organization, said on Monday. She called the agency “a fifth column” within Israel.

The Knesset voted 50-10 in favor of her bill, in the first reading. Israeli lawmakers also advanced the bills that would ban the UNRWA from any activity on the territory of Israel, and strip the agency personnel of legal immunity and privileges normally due to UN staff.

The three bills were sent to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee for further deliberation. They will have to pass two more votes to go into effect.

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Israel failed to prove UN agency was complicit in terrorism – report

UNRWA employs more than 30,000 people and has provided food aid, healthcare, education, and social services to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as those seeking asylum in neighboring countries. According to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, over two million people depend on it for their survival.

The Israeli government claimed in January that a dozen UNRWA employees took part in the October 7 attacks by Hamas, in which around 1,100 Israelis died and about 250 were taken captive into Gaza. West Jerusalem also claimed that 190 UNRWA staffers provided intelligence and logistical support to Hamas and allowed the attackers to use the agency’s facilities as safehouses.

The accusations caused 18 donor nations to withdraw funding from UNRWA, including the US, UK, and Germany. In April, however, an independent review commissioned by the UN announced that Israel had provided no evidence to support the claims.

Israel responded to the October 7 by launching air and artillery strikes into Gaza, followed by a ground invasion. As of Monday, more than 39,000 Palestinians have been killed and almost 90,000 injured, according to official estimates by the Gaza Health Ministry.

Harris would purge Biden’s team – WSJ

Lloyd Austin, Antony Blinken and Jake Sullivan could lose their jobs come January

Kamala Harris is unlikely to keep the current crop of national security officials, should she win the US presidential election in November, according to sources quoted by the Wall Street Journal.

President Joe Biden dropped out of the re-election race on Sunday, endorsing his vice-president for the top of the ticket. While the Democrats still need to officially confirm Harris as their nominee, media speculation about her presidency is already rampant.

“Key Biden appointees, including national security adviser Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin wouldn’t likely be extended in their current roles,” the Journal claimed late on Monday, citing anonymous current and former US officials.

While Harris “hasn’t had an opportunity to define her own brand of foreign policy,” the Journal claimed that she “might ultimately align herself more closely with the progressive elements” of the Democrats and put some conditions on US support for Israel.

The Journal described Harris as the current administration’s “most ardent senior-level advocate of securing a cease-fire in Gaza,” citing a passage from her speech in Selma, Alabama in March when she criticized the “inhumane conditions” in the Palestinian enclave.

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Harris may shift US rhetoric on Gaza war if elected – NBC

Arab American Institute founder Jim Zogby told the outlet that he spoke with Harris by phone last October and believed that she has shown “far greater empathy” for Palestinians than Biden or the rest of the White House.

According to NBC News, Harris is “widely expected to continue” Biden’s foreign policy if elected, but “appears more willing to publicly criticize” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and “express empathy for the plight of Palestinian civilians” in Gaza.

Having Harris run might help the Democrats with Arab-Americans, younger voters and progressives, an anonymous source told NBC, as she is not associated with Biden’s support for Israel.

Biden picked Harris as his running mate in August 2020, reportedly as part of a deal to secure the nomination. She had dropped out of the race for nomination herself in late 2019, before the primaries even started.

Blinken was Biden’s long-time foreign policy and national security adviser before his current appointment as head of the State Department. Sullivan spent three years advising Biden during the administration of Barack Obama, before joining Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Austin reportedly struck up a friendship with Biden’s son Beau, who had served in Iraq as his staff officer in 2008-2009, and later briefed Biden as the head of US Central Command.

A “central role” in a Harris administration would be played by Philip Gordon, who is currently her national security adviser, the Journal said. He is a veteran of the Clinton and Obama administrations, who worked at both the National Security Council and the State Department, notably as Victoria Nuland’s predecessor at European and Eurasian Affairs. He has also been a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a senior adviser at Albright Stonebridge Group.