EU member calls for bloc-wide age restriction on social media use

Denmark’s PM says Brussels should impose a 15+ age limit to protect children from adverse content and screen addiction

Only children over age 15 should be able to register on social media platforms in the European Union, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has suggested.

The measure would help shield children from inappropriate content and the negative effects of screen addiction, Frederiksen wrote on Sunday in a piece for the Danish newspaper Politiken which she co-authored with EU lawmaker Christel Schaldemose.

Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok require users to be at least 13 to sign up. The age limit requirement imposed by such companies stems from US legislation dating back to 1998 and bans the collection of children’s personal data without parental consent.

Frederiksen argued that 13-year-olds are too young to create social media profiles, stressing that the risks facing children on such networks are too great. She highlighted that the age restriction must come with effective verification tools, adding that tech giants currently aren’t taking responsibility for it.

The Danish prime minister and her co-author noted that the Digital Services Act (DSA) package, a content-moderation guide adopted by the EU member states two years ago, has proven to be insufficient in regulating social media platforms. They urged the bloc’s authorities to tighten the current legislation, having called for a ban on addictive designs and advertising which targets minors, as well as for a mandatory notification telling users how much time they spend online.

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The proposal comes a month after an expert panel commissioned by French President Emmanuel Macron proposed barring the use of social media apps by anyone under 15, saying that minors over that age should only have access to platforms which have been deemed “ethical.” The expert group, headed by neurologist Servane Mouton and psychiatry professor Amine Benyamina, also proposed taking the necessary steps to tighten rules for tech companies.

The report presented by the experts found that excessive screen time substantially damages children’s health, impacting sleep, causing child obesity and increasing risks of anxiety and depression.

The Cecil Rhode’s Templar Revival and the Cult of Mithra

There aren’t many people in this world who approach symbolic-based analyses of world events with any degree of competence.

Most of those whom I have met attempting to do this, have tended to have minds that have slowly been transformed into a dyslexic gelatin of pattern-association thinking, looking increasingly upon every triangle, image of an owl, set of numbers, or squares as being signs of occult manipulation controlling every aspect of our lives.

However, that said, I completely understand how this can easily happen since we do live within a culture that is directly influenced by the intentions, designs and beliefs of an ideologically-driven closed oligarchy committed to a cosmology of stasis in all its forms under a master-slave structure.

Upon close inspection of the behavior, and belief structure of said oligarchy- which has exerted an unbroken influence over humanity since ancient history- it doesn’t take a curious mind too long to realize that number patterns, astrological cycles, and symbolism play an important part of the decision making processes of said oligarchy.

So I get it.

If one adds to this observation, a corollary assumption that said oligarchy actually wields very real mystical powers from the beyond due to their gnosis, rituals and ‘secret knowledge’, then it makes perfect sense that someone will easily find themselves sliding into an unhinged symbol-minded obsession, suspicious of every single triangle in our lives.

On the rarest of occasions, have I encountered the occasional researcher who has tuned their mind to interpret the symbolism of our culture from a competent standpoint while keeping their cool on, and their minds still wielding reason… and so, I have been impressed by my friend Alex (host of The Doenut Factory) who I was pleased to join up with once again to discuss The Templars, Crusades, ancient mystery cults, and their current impacts on world politics.

We also discussed the strange events in London last week as seven white and black military horses were released onto the streets, with one white horse doused in blood.

The conversation was fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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