About us

We are a group of honest people from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Hong Kong and New Zealand who simply want to cover the news from all views, so both from the left and the right! This because we ourselves are not left, not right but in the middle. Nowadays it is almost impossible to read neutral news, as all news is political and made to push people in a certain direction.

We believe the current media landscape is a disaster where every country or region tries to push its hidden agenda via news push. Both CNN, RT, CCTV, Aljazeera, France, etc do this. The only way to get a balanced overview of all these subjective news channels is to watch all media! That’s why we decided to make allviewnews.com where we every hour check all main international news media outlets and post it here, so people can have a balanced view of the world, local and international politics and see important events and conflicts in perspective. Feel free to comment on posts and share this website with your friends and family so also they can take advantage to have independant and honest news from all sides of the world in 1 webpage. Forget your national news providers, but read and watch all view news.