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About AllViewNews

Why we started AllViewNews.com? Simply because the national media channels in every country in the world are insanely coloured and simply propaganda. No matter in the United States or Russia, both medica outlets look through their own glasses with presumptions and prejudice and if you ready/listen or watch only the news from 1 source you will never be able to get a real view on what is happening in the world and in international politics.

This is the reason why we found AllViewNews where we focus on news from all angles, from Russia, China, United States, France, United Kingdom as well as some critical media outlets like “The Duran” and “David Icke”. We think if you read the news in a right mix from all these countries and media outlets (CNN, Russia Today, BBC, France 24, CGTN, China News, Aljazeera etc.. ) you will have. a real view of what is happening in the world and you will be a smarter and more educated person. Always question, always keep learning, always. be critical and never take no for an answer. Read the real news at our home page.

Peace and be ready for the future!