Teachers ‘Re-educate’ Boys ‘Brainwashed’ by Andrew Tate

eaving aside Andrew Tate’s ongoing criminal case, I think we can all agree there are some pretty silly articles about the Tate phenomenon appearing in the mainstream media.

Now the Sunday Times has weighed in to tell us how teachers are trying to undo Tate’s evil ‘brainwashing’. Remember, the only people who should be brainwashing children are Left-wing teachers.

“It is a version of radicalisation as far as I’m concerned,” says Sophie Whitehead, who works at the School of Sexuality Education, which provides workshops on consent. “His rhetoric is so violent and it has affected so many young people.”

The south London teacher helped to explain the impact of Tate’s words by creating a pyramid, showing how some actions such as using violent words could escalate to criminal behaviour.

Ignore Tate, look at the pyramid!

A female teacher at another school said that some pupils were giving up on studying for exams, feeling that they no longer needed education to thrive. “They [pupils] always end up saying, ‘I can get rich on the internet, that’s what Andrew Tate did’,” she said.

Would it be such a terrible thing for boys who are being failed by the education system to learn skills that will help them succeed online? I for one would have much rather learned to code than learned about stalactites.

The Sunday Times also appears to need some online education, as it claims Tate is still running his Hustler’s University course, which in fact was replaced by The Real World some time ago.

But instead the offline re-education continues:

At assembly in the Oxfordshire schools, pupils are told about why expressions such as ‘man up’ or ‘be a man’ should not be used. At St Dunstan’s, a co-educational fee-paying school in London, teachers try to have discussions about Tate and establish what pupils know before feeding teenagers more information. News articles about Tate are deconstructed with older pupils.

Whether one loves or hates Tate, or believes he is guilty or innocent, it is obvious he is a symptom of a culture that demonises men and boys and allows them to fall behind. Instead of listening to these young men, their out-of-touch guardians act aghast and tell them they are wrong, leading to absurdly tone-deaf claims like the following:

Yet despite Tate’s views, indicative of a wider misogynistic culture on the internet and sweeping through schools, there is still hope.

Hope for what exactly? And why should we trust these teachers to steer boys, who appear to have been let down by those who should be guiding them, in the right direction?

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