Scholz’s Government “Basically Finished” as Pressure Mounts for Snap Election

Olaf Scholz is coming under pressure to follow Emannuel Macron’s example and call a snap election after his party suffered a humiliating defeat in EU elections. The Telegraph has the story.

“This Government is basically finished and we need to do what France has done,” Markus Söder, the conservative Governor of Bavaria, said on Monday.

Mr. Söder added that Mr. Scholz’s Government “no longer has the trust of the population, that’s why there should be new elections as soon as possible.”

The centre-Right Christian Democrats, the main opposition in Germany’s Parliament, also called on the Chancellor to call a vote of confidence on Monday to test whether he still has the support of his shaky three-way coalition.

Mr. Scholz’s Social Democrats scored their worst ever EU election result, winning just 14% of the vote, according to exit polls.

His coalition partners, the Greens and the Free Democrats, also fared badly as the German public swung decisively to the Right.

Okay, so it’s just the elections for the toothless EU Parliament, not for domestic legislators, and you’d expect opposition parties to beat the Government when it’s down and call for an election. But there’s no doubt the pressure is on the centrists and Leftists in power across Europe to follow Macron’s example following their spanking in the vote. Since much of the swing is surely due to the insane level of immigration into Europe in recent years, I wonder at what point they will accept they really do have to control the borders?

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