Angela Rayner Begs Muslim Voters to Back Her With Gaza Vow

Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner has appealed to Muslim voters by pledging that a Labour Government would officially recognise the state of Palestine. The Mail has the story.

Video circulating online shows the party’s Deputy Leader speaking to voters in her Ashton-under-Lyne seat and thanking them for getting her “over the line” at the 2019 election.

She then admits “people are angry” about the growing humanitarian disaster in Gaza following the Israeli invasion triggers by the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack.

In the footage, believed to have been shot at an event on Sunday, Ms. Rayner tells the audience that Labour “supports” the International Criminal Court, which last week said it would seek the arrest of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu – and senior Hamas leaders – over claims of war crimes in Gaza.

She then warns them a Labour Government would have “limited” influence to change the situation, adding: “Qatar, Saudi Arabia, all of these people, we are all working to stop what’s happening at the moment, we want to see that.

“I promise you that’s what we want to see. If Labour get into power we will recognise Palestine.”

This is absolutely cringe. Angela Rayner giving in to Islamic sectarianism by solely focusing on Gaza here. Begging for their votes.

No mention on any everyday issues which affect us in the UK. Pathetic.

— Chris Rose (@ArchRose90) May 27, 2024

Labour faces a major backlash from its Muslim voters over the party’s stance on Gaza. Sir Keir Starmer initially refused to back calls for a permanent ceasefire saying Israel had a right to defend itself.

The stance was blamed in part for Labour losing the Rochdale by-election to George Galloway earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Ms. Rayner faced pushback from television presenter and Reform U.K. President Nigel Farage, as he sounded the alarm about inner cities and towns moving into an era of “sectarian politics with women completely excluded”.

Mr. Farage was launching Howard Cox as the party’s Dover candidate this morning – having refused to stand for a seat himself.

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