The WIFI of Aquarius, How A Global Death Cult Use Alchemical Knowledge Against Us – Richard Willett

It never ceases to amaze me when I uncover just how far reaching this global satanic death cults manipulation of humanity has spread. It must be bloody exhausting for them to have to get up in the morning, conduct a little satanic ritual to tap into the Archons in the 4th dimension just to get their instructions for the day.

I write mine on a whiteboard myself.

In a recent article I mentioned that these dark occultists make a very public display of demonising any occult practices (occult just means hidden) whilst away from the public eye and back in their dimly lit tombs they are using the exact same principles and ancient knowledge they claim to be satanic and evil.

This is of course another layer of their satanic inversion.

Recently I wrote an article about the Druid beliefs of Queen Elizabeth II who was inducted into a Welsh Druid Bard in the mid 1940’s. The official Royal narrative is that it was simply an “interest” that she had at the time, when in reality these Black Nobility bloodlines know exactly how powerful this knowledge is. It is just that they do not want you to know.

We had the exact same thing happen when the psychotic lunatic King James V of Scotland went on a murderous rampage in North Berwick, slaughtering and burning thousands of young women (and many men) claiming that they were practicing witch craft. All the while he was surrounding himself with occultists, secret society members and those practicing pagan rituals.

He did this because these Black Nobility families know that this stuff works and they do not want you or I to have access to it. So they demonise it as either silly or fantastical thinking and even as evil, such is the case with many Christians. The sad reality is that much of what became Christianity after Constantine The Great “converted” is clearly riddled with pagan beliefs and “Gods” from ancient Egyptian and Babylonian mythology.

The Roman Empire is clearly the darkest aspect of the cult of Babylon relocate, which has erected its monuments in the Vatican, City of London and Washington DC which was originally named Rome Maryland on land owned by a man named Francis Pope (they are laughing at us).

The trick is to get those following a certain faith (not restricted to Christianity) to believe they are worshiping one deity when they are in fact worshiping another.

For instance Yahweh is just one of a pantheon of so called gods that are known as the Elohim. The Gnostics believed the old testament god Yahweh to be a representation of the Demiurge/Yaldabaoth who is the creator god we see in the Matrix movies which in turn is another depiction of Cronus, Old Father Time and Saturn.

I know I have written about this in other articles but these are classic examples of these dark occultists claiming to practice one belief system whilst in reality they are performing the inversion of all they profess in the shadows of their ghastly castles and mansions.

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