Oh, the irony. This bloke with the beard and glasses, Michael Walker, used to attack me and support my cancelling for criticising the Israeli government. Here he disappears up his own backside by making the usual fatal error of taking a side between the Israel government and (Israel-created) Hamas

Condemning attacks on civilians – whoever they are – is coming from a point of morality and compassion. Taking a side between the Israeli government and Hamas (ultimately the SAME side) is naïve black and white idiocy from a man who has not a clue how the world really works.

WATCH: Piers Morgan is nailing hypocrite Jew-haters to the cross so brutally that they forget how to speak English

• Hypocrite antisemite: “What Israel did us worse than Russia! I just condemn the evil of murdering civilians!”

• Piers: “I see, then what did you tweet on… pic.twitter.com/CBClJHnSJ2

— Adam Albilya – אדם אלביליה (@AdamAlbilya) May 13, 2024

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