Encouraging News from the Alternative/Integrative Doctor Front

Last Thursday I drove to Orlando, Florida as I was invited as a speaker at the American Academy for Ozonotherapy yearly conference. The topic of my presentation was “Preliminary Protocols to Recover from Covid “Vaccine” Injuries”. There were about 230 physicians present. As they were all learning or already practicing various forms of Ozone therapy, they had to be open minded already, but I expected to be straining their open mind with my presentation particularly when it came to the no virus- no spike protein information. This is why I asked them have an open mind and put aside their belief systems. Then research the information themselves, use their critical thinking skills and come to their own conclusions.

I showed the carnage these jabs have done until now with 20 million dead and 2 billion injured worldwide. I presented the statistics of a large life insurance company in the US showing a 40% increase in deaths among working people aged 18- 50 years which they call a one in 800-year catastrophe. I showed the statistics of stillbirths in a California hospital that usually had 2-3 stillbirths per month that shot up to 4-5 per week after the jabs were rolled out. I showed the over one million excess death numbers in the US in people aged 65 and older since the jabs were offered to them and the UK statistic showing that one in 310 people died within 1.5 months after getting a booster.

I explained the challenges finding out what exactly is so damaging in these jabs and the results of various examinations done by individual researchers around the world of the vials. The challenges include the secrecy by the manufacturer (DARPA) and the distributors (Pfizer, Moderna etc.) of what is actually inside these vials, the difficulty obtaining vials with a documented chain of custody and the challenge to find technologies that are in the hidden. How can you find something you don’t know exists? The main challenge though is that researchers with expensive lab equipment usually work at large institutions such as universities and big pharma and they will not do this research. Ultimately it was left up to individual doctors and researchers to find out what was going on. Despite these challenges 26 research teams on five continents and 16 countries were able to find what is the most damaging contents in these vials.

I listed the disability symptoms from cardiovascular to dermatological issues and I went into some details about the spiritual implications of these jabs.

Thanks to these courageous researchers we know that several toxic ingredients are in these shots. First off were found toxic metals such as Aluminum, Barium, Antimony, Titanium, radioactive Cesium and some others. Then thanks to the research by Dr. Campra and La Quinta Columna we know there is Graphene oxide in these shots which is a massive free radical and inflammatory agent. It shreds cell membranes and mitochondrial membranes to pieces, causes cancer, blood clots and cell death. It destroys immune cells, interferes with cell- to -cell communication and adhesion and development of heart and brain in the unborn leading to stillbirths. Graphene is a transmitter for electricity and heat.  The third and most diabolical ingredient are so called lipid nano particles aka hydrogels. The toxic metals Aluminum and Barium activate the self – assembly process of the smart hydrogels into sensor and communication platforms. They consist of Dragon spider silk fibers that are excellent transmitters of light signals and akin to a nervous system. Fourthly, some vials contained mRNA, but it is not coding for spike protein but some protein that is now being blamed for suppressing the cancer suppressor gene p53. In addition, billions of DNA plasmids (circular DNA) were found in the vials that code for Dragon spider silk, in effect forcing our body’s cells to make this silk. Under the influence of EMF, the self -assembly process of spider silk in combination with graphene oxide and toxic metals begins inside the body creating what looks like computer chips as seen under dark field microscopy.

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