The point is not that people seek a ‘higher power’ – it is that they seek it through religions created by humans, not a ‘higher power’. Let us take a breath, a step back, and look at this again – dispassionately

5.4 of the 8 billion humans follow either Christianity, Islam or Hinduism, never mind all the others like Judaism. Religions all claiming to connect us to this ‘higher power’ have dominated human perception in the period that the world has become a psychological shithole and a nightmare survival existence for most people worldwide.
The foundational beliefs of Christianity solidified with the Council of Nicaea overseen by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great in 325 AD; Islam dates from Muhammed in the period following 600 AD; Hinduism is said to date from possibly 2300 BC. They all have a history of perpetuating themselves through violence, guilt, shame, and intergenerational pressure. 
So these various group-think beliefs with their version of a ‘higher power’ have been with us all this ‘time’ and what has been the result? The world we see today. 
They have served like the others as a group-think belief system that (a) keeps their advocates in line through the ‘fear of God’ and breaching the belief-barricade; and (b) provides the perfect fault-line society through which the population can be crucially divided and ruled by the few – ‘My God is better than your God’. 
Religions inflict a ritualistic here-and-no-further perception pattern that overwhelmingly rejects any possibility that does not conform to its religious one-possibility. 
I call the ‘higher power’ as it relates to me the All That Is, Has Been, And Ever Can Be. This is a state of consciousness, of which we are all an expression, which translates simply as Infinite All-Possibility. 
Beyond the perceptual confines of the ‘headset body’, is infinity denied us by the ludicrous limits of visible light. We are consciousness infinitely exploring forever forever. We have just been manipulated to forget to induce a perceptual state of ‘little me’. The word Islam means to submit and that is what religions want you to do – submit to the will of their ‘God’ as interpreted by priests, imams, rabbis, and gurus. 
Religion has played a central role in that forgetfulness by presenting a series of One-Possibilities to deflect us from the All-Possibility that we are. 
This is why I find it so sad that members of the Mainstream ‘Alternative’ Media (MAM) ask which denomination they should join, proclaim their Christian baptism, convert to the Cult-owned Roman Catholic Church, and promote ‘Catholic Hallow prayer apps’ funded by intelligence-and-Pentagon-to-his-DNA, Peter Thiel. They say they demand freedom then give their own away. 
We don’t need middlemen, and now some women, in fancy dress to make a reconnection with the Infinite All That Is. We can do it directly with no ritual or rigid belief system to which to conform, follow. and submit. 
Wake up people. Religion has been there for thousands of years to put you to sleep.

No one trusts the government. No one trusts the media. So why are we surprised that more and more of us are turning to God?

— Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) April 30, 2024

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