Covid – An agenda for population control? – Part 2: Is the vaccine chip a conspiracy theory?

One of my subscribers sent me a link to the following article. The writer went through a lot of work to gather all the sources and write an easy to understand article about the nanotech devices in the C19 jabs.

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published April 5, 2024

Hitachi demonstrates extremely small RFID chips, 2007

NewsVoice was granted exclusivity to publish a unique literature study in five parts written by docent Tomas Persson on the global “covid agenda”. This part covers information about and signs that microscopic chips are present in the injection fluid.

A study by docent Tomas Persson ( )

The five parts of the literature study:

Variations in the toxicity of the batches

Is the vaccine chip a conspiracy theory?
Neurostimulation and nanotechnology as a weapon system
DNA contamination and parasites

The purpose of this literature study is to open up the debate around difficult questions about an ongoing societal transformation. This part examines an area with a large number of research publications that demonstrate astonishing technological possibilities of nanotechnology that are largely kept secret from the common man.

The question being investigated concerns a so-called “conspiracy theory” that one purpose of the injection campaign was to provide the people with “a chip” that can track or control the people [1-3].

The theory with the “vaccine chip” has been dismissed by the Swedish Medicines Agency [4] and called a conspiracy theory by Andreas Önnerfors [5] in a feature on Sweden’s radio. It cannot be denied that it indeed sounds like a conspiracy theory, but Önnerfors presents no data to support rejecting the theory that the Covid-19 injection contains “a chip”, which makes the statement doubtful.

Is it really so unlikely that the “chip hypothesis” falls flat on its face, or is there support in the literature for this claim?

A former consultant to Pfizer [6] warned that potentially toxic [7] and carcinogenic [8] graphene oxide may be present in COVID-19 injections and a hypothesis was put forward that the technology industry in a giant clinical experiment on the world population is trying to find the right dosage of graphene oxide/ hydrogel to make an IoT interface work practically in the human body.

Networked devices are called the Internet of Things or IoT [9] and the corresponding technology for the human body is called the Internet of Bodies [10]. The people could become experimental IoT devices, as analysis of patents also shows [11].

Carrie Madej has also warned about the Covid-19 injection and she had been informed about the risks, after attending a meeting on transhumanism and the fourth industrial revolution, where she learned about the technological possibilities of hydrogel and nanotechnology [12].

According to Carrie Madej, she was told that it would be possible to use sensors in the body to know what people are thinking and also be able to punish people who do “wrongs” and that it was better for her to go over to their side, because the technology will inevitably be implemented in people.

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