Diversity Training ‘Forces Workers to Hide Beliefs’ for Fear of Losing Job

A survey by the Free Speech Union reveals that nearly two-thirds of employees who participate in diversity training in the workplace say they have to suppress their genuine opinions for fear of losing their jobs. The Telegraph has more.

Nearly a quarter say they have been compelled to say things they don’t believe after attending the courses.

Members of the minority communities, where the schemes are meant to benefit, were more likely to find the training conflicted with their views, the survey of 800 employees found.

One person surveyed, a white woman in her late 50s, said: “I think everyone is too scared to speak about topics like this any more and certainly free speech doesn’t exist in my company.”

It comes after Kemi Badenoch told the Telegraph that Britain’s diversity push had been “counterproductive” and that many equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives are “snake oil”.

The Free Speech Union was set up by journalist Toby Young to oppose cancel culture. …

The poll found that 45% believed their EDI training conflicted with their personal, religious or political views.

The proportion was higher among ethnic minorities and religious groups, and men were more likely to say this than women.

More than a third (36%) said they had witnessed staff being penalised in some way by their current employer because they challenged the training, including 12% who witnessed staff being fired for doing so.

The media and communications sectors were the most likely to penalise their employees.

The survey found that 31% had left a former employer because of their endorsement of “woke” ideology.

The proportion is much higher among minority groups: 43% for black people, 46% for Asian people and 46% for gay people.

Nine per cent said they had such a negative view of the training that they might have to leave the employer who has insisted on it.

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