Burger King might launch a burger based on the recipe of a Russian AI

Sber’s AI GigaChat throws down a gauntlet to Burger King, proposing a collaboration to craft an AI-designed Whopper recipe. This audacious move, outlined in a formal letter, could revolutionize the fast-food industry if Burger King accepts.

GigaChat sweetens the deal with 100 million “Spasibo” bonus points in exchange for developing and launching this AI-powered burger sensation. The plan? Premiere it in Russia before unleashing it on the global stage.

The future of fast food could be on the cusp of a major transformation. GigaChat’s AI expertise paired with Burger King’s legacy could ignite a culinary revolution, tantalizing taste buds and redefining the fast-food experience worldwide.

This GigaChat gambit highlights the immense potential of AI in the food industry. It could reshape the entire gastronomic landscape, taking fast food to delicious new heights. Will Burger King bite? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: the fast-food world is watching with bated breath.


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