Bret Weinstein Goes out to Lunch with Tucker: The Chinese Boogeyman Strikes Again

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Throughout the past week, I received dozens of requests to share my thoughts on Bret Weinstein’s recent appearance on Tucker Carlson where the intrepid biologist sounds the alarm like a latter day Paul Revere on the dangerous Chinese Communist conspiracy to destroy America by directing mass immigrants to flood the Texas border, unleash new bioweapons and BRI the west to death… The full interview can be viewed here:

I respect Bret and his Dark Horse podcast was a useful platform for sifting through medical lies throughout the past few years, so I didn’t want to think that Bret could possibly engage in sloppy Cold Warrior fear-mongering, so I put it off. This is the sort of thing I have come to expect out of figures like Robert Malone, Tucker, Ezra Levant, intel chiefs running the CIA, NSA, FBI or CSIS… but certainly Bret couldn’t have jumped on that bandwagon too… or could he?

Well, after finally watching the interview, I am sad to say that’s exactly what he did.

What I can say with full honesty is that this is an asinine assessment that builds conjecture upon conjecture without ever proving anything, using the ancient art of office gossip. But Bret is a scientist so his gossip is supposed to be really high quality I guess and in no way connected to the sort of gossip circulated by the Five Eyes which is obviously not to be trusted.

Some of Bret’s gossipy “suggestions” masquerading as ‘scientific hypotheses’:

1) China is bad because they resisted the pressure to allow mRNA jabs into their country… This of course proves that they will be safe from the next bioweapon they will also release onto the world! (And you thought a nation resisting Pfizer and the WHO pressure to mRNA their people was a good thing… You fool.)

2) China wants to undermine the USA by building BRI connected infrastructure in Latin America (and American satraps like the canary islands where the USA never allowed any infrastructure)… is evidence that they want to destroy the USA. Think no more deeply on this or assume any other possible motive of why China is building infrastructure.

3- The existence of chinese young men who are laborers in central and south america is obviously evidence that China is directing all the immigrants into the USA and possibly also flooding Chinese soldiers into the USA as part of Biden’s new CPC secret army waiting to be let loose onto our freedom loving Patriots!

And you thought that Chinese construction workers were just in Latin America to build the billions of dollars worth of infrastructure projects which Latin American nations need to deal with poverty caused by western colonialism. Nope! it’s actually CPC elite mercenaries out to take your freedoms. If you listen to Gordon Chang on Fox News, you might also believe these alleged elite soldiers are blood drinking vampires.

In his chat with Tucker, Bret Weinstein even explains how the Chinese communist party even made a “how to’ video cartoon for what appears to be 12 year old Chinese Mercs wanting to subvert America which Bret has intrepidly discovered (but admits hasn’t translated or even knows where it came from).

What kills me is how many times Bret has to say things like “I have no idea how the world works… but isn’t this suspicious?” Or “I have no way of proving this but… isn’t this suspicious”… It’s a gossipy slimy way of speaking.

Since the anti China psyops will only continue to accelerate full throttle as Americans fall into greater states of fear, and as our Five Eyes intelligence agencies, George Soros and anti-Great Reset conservatives will increasingly sound like the same voice in regards to China, it’s probably a good idea to do as much research into these psyops as possible. This means coming to better understand what is China, how China kicked out George Soros, and how were we played throughout the Cold War by the same forces who killed JFK, launched the Vietnam War, carried out Iran Contra, created Al Qaeda, arranged 9/11, Anthrax attacks and oversaw the growth of the largest bioweapons complex in world history.

And no, I’m not talking about China.

So take advantage of the following resources which Cynthia and I have compiled to sharpen your mind’s edge, and avoid letting your brain turn into Cold Warrior gelatin.

Addendum: A word of advice from Vladimir Putin to Tucker Carlson on China

A week after the Bret Weinstein mess, Tucker had the chance for a much more cogent dialogue with the leader of the free world himself, Vladimir Putin where the topic of China’s supposedly nefarious agenda to thwart the Christian west arose. Putin’s answered it in several sections throughout the 2 hour discussion, but a relevant reply to Tucker (who Putin notes “luckily did not get accepted into the CIA” wink wink) can be read here:

Tucker: Is the BRICS, for example, in danger of being completely dominated by the Chinese economy in a way that’s not good for their sovereignty? Do you worry about that?

Vladimir Putin: We have heard those boogeymen stories before. It is a boogeyman story. We’re neighbors with China. You cannot choose neighbors just as you cannot choose close relatives. We share a border of thousand kilometers with them. This is number one.

Second, we have a centuries long history of coexistence. We’re used to it.

Third, China’s foreign policy philosophy is not aggressive. Its idea is to always look for compromise, and we can see that.

The next point is as follows. We’re always told the same boogeyman story, and here it goes again through an euphemistic form, but it is still the same boogeyman story. The cooperation with China keeps increasing. The pace at which China’s cooperation with Europe is growing is higher and greater than that of the growth of Chinese-Russian cooperation. Ask Europeans, aren’t they afraid? They might be. I don’t know. But they are still trying to access China’s market at all costs, especially now that they are facing economic problems.

Chinese businesses are also exploring the European market. Do Chinese businesses have small presence in the United States? Yes. The political decisions are such that they are trying to limit their cooperation with China. It is to your own detriment, Mr. Tucker, that you are limiting cooperation with China. You’re hurting yourself. 

Other resources for those who feel a little anti-China McCarthyism growing inside them, but suspect they are being played:

Breaking Free of Anti-China Psyops Vol ONE: How the Cold War is Being Revived and What you can do about (80 pgs) (we are making this one free for now, so download that PDF by clicking the above link)

Breaking Free of Anti-China Psyops Vol TWO: Know Your Enemy

VIDEO: China Russia or Something Else: Who is our Real Enemy?

VIDEO: Chinese Secret Police Stations: Fact or Fiction?

VIDEO: Chinese Election Interference: Five Eyes, CSIS and the Ugly Truth of NATO

VIDEO: How China Banned Soros in 1989

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VIDEO: Is China a Friend or Enemy of the New World Order?

Also watch for free our RTF Docu-Series “Escaping Calypso’s Island: A Journey Out of Our Green Delusion” and our CP Docu-Series “The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs”.

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