Mr Weinstein … if ever I have read confirmation that you have no idea how it all works then this is it. So thanks for that I have been researching this full-time for 34 years and I don’t need to be told how things operate by someone who bought ‘Covid’ lock, stock, and the other thing, and explained during the fake pandemic how he wore a scarf around his neck at home so he could pull it over his face when he answered the door. I called ‘Covid’ for what it was – a hoax – from the start of 2020 because I had spent 30 years researching the Cabal and its methods of operation. You bought it because you hadn’t. That clearly still applies.

Regarding Joe Rogan, David Icke asks:

“Why would someone who is a ‘threat to the system’ be paid $250 million BY the system to broadcast on mainstream Internet platforms OWNED by the system?”

Because, David, “the system” isn’t a coherent whole. It is an emergent property…

— Bret Weinstein (@BretWeinstein) February 4, 2024

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