Breaking History Ep. 29: How to Extract the British Hand from Pakistan

In this week’s episode of Breaking History, Gordon and Matt discuss the evidence for a long term secret collaboration between nationalist forces within Pakistan, India (and China) in order to extract the Anglo-Zionist terrorists and other deep state operations from their nations in order to create a system of energy sovereignty, peace building and transportation lines across the Eurasian world.

A deep dive into the British Empire’s enduring divisions in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other neighbors is discussed, as is the role of the Belt and Road Initiative, new rail, pipeline and road development between Pakistan to Turkey via Iran, and International North South Transportation Corridor. The fight for nuclear power and energy sovereignty led by Pakistan’s martyred PM Zulfikar Bhutto, and the fight waged by his martyred daughter (and twice PM) Benazir Bhutto AND the fascinating work of Benazir’s husband and son (today’s Foreign Minister) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is also discussed.

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