Evolutionary Transhumanism: The End Of Our Species As We Know It?

C.S. Lewis concluded in the Abolition of Man that the more man looks into nature with the eye to master and control it, the more man himself is taken captive by nature. This is unexpected, but the logical conclusion is that it will ultimately result in the abolition of man, not nature.⁃ TN Editor

Singularity? It’s a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed.”
~ Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology

This subject will likely be very foreign to most, will be avoided by many, and will certainly offend those clinging to a god or religion in hopes of gaining everlasting life, by accepting certain dogma laid down in the past by ancient beliefs, religions, churches, monarchs, or rulers. Those who depend on what is currently called ‘science,’ may be more interested, but will normally fail to see as clearly as they might, the true ramifications of this world being created today. The saying, “living in interesting times,” takes on a new meaning given our circumstances, and the great ‘advancement’ of ‘artificial intelligence,’ technological discovery, and the drive for global dominance, all happening at the same time.

What most all tend to forget, is the history of man, at least what is known or thought to be known, regardless of which beliefs or doctrines are accepted. The new world unfolding before us, whether viewed from a traditional, modern, or futuristic perspective, is one of great wonder. This does not mean it is only good or bad, or only beautiful or evil, as it is much more complicated than one can imagine. The reason it is so complex, is strictly due to the unknown, as man literally knows nothing of all there is to know, and with the drive toward Singularity, global domination, and mass artificial intelligence, how can any be certain of the outcome?

Those who are apt to jump on board with the notion that all change and advancement of the human mind and body, at least from the standpoint of artificially enhancing ‘knowledge, brain power, and longevity of life by technological means, are considering only the supposed benefit of ‘everlasting’ life and ‘intellect’ through artificial means. There certainly can be and are many benefits to unlocking the power of the mind, but one has to understand the entirety of this process, and who is controlling it.

It is easy to be fooled by only looking at benefit without scrutiny of the process, and that could easily become a fool’s game given normal human inclination. Viewing what is happening due only to technological advancement, and the ‘good’ it may bring, is likely very short-sighted. Will a utopian society with no wars and cooperation be evident? Will humans be programmed to be super-intelligent, and only be able to live in harmony with one another? Will ‘heaven’ on earth be the result, or will all the strings be pulled by a master class of controllers? And who will be selected to live or die in this new world being created?

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