Is Hunter Biden On A Suicide Mission?

Not suicide in the literal sense, but is he deliberately sabotaging himself, his father and his family? If that suggestion sounds bizarre, bear with me.

There is a theory well known to true crime buffs that every murderer leaves one deliberate clue, either to taunt the police or to sabotage himself. Let’s take one example of this. Dr Harold Shipman was the most prolific serial killer in British criminal history. Although he was convicted only of 15 murders, he is believed to have committed many more. 

His last victim was the 81 years young Kathleen Grundy. Although some people will express surprise when a person of that age who is in robust good health drops dead suddenly, there is generally no cause for suspicion. Suspicions were aroused in this case however when it was revealed that Mrs Grundy had left her entire estate to her beloved doctor. Her daughter was a solicitor, and the most cursory investigation led her to conclude that her mother’s will had been forged, the two supposed witnesses to it having been duped.

When the police investigation got underway, it was soon revealed that Shipman had forged medical records. He may have gotten away with that but there was never any way he would have gotten away with stealing the dead woman’s estate. It is easy to say he was stupid or his arrogance had gotten the better of him, but this was a guy who had a stratospheric IQ. An alternative theory is that he realised he had become a monster but couldn’t admit it even to himself at a conscious level.

Now, contrast this with Hunter Biden who unlike Shipman has committed not a single act of self-sabotage but many.

First and foremost, he records his acts of depravity, whether they be related to his drug abuse or his sexual habits. He records himself paying a prostitute. In the UK that would have been a purely personal matter, but in the United States – bar several counties in Nevada – it is illegal for both parties, and in Hunter’s case could be construed as sex trafficking. 

He sends and keeps incriminating e-mails, then he takes the laptop from Hell to a computer repair shop and forgets to collect it.

His treatment of Lunden Roberts was appalling. He gets her pregnant then claims not only that he isn’t her daughter’s father but says he had never met her. This claim was easily refuted, and he must have realised the inevitable paternity test would expose that particular big lie.

What is he doing now? He is pleading poverty, has re-opened the court case she brought against him, and is arguing for a reduction in his child support. He has a small army of lawyers who are clearly costing him an arm and a leg, yet not one of them appears to have advised him what would happen next, or if any of them have, he has ignored them. Heck, he is a lawyer himself, he must have realised even a mediocre judge (which Holly Meyer most definitely is not) would order an inventory of his resources. 

A lot more could be added to all the above, like did he really need to buy a gun? but if we judge people by their deeds rather than by their words, it is clear that Hunter has wilfully created this insane mess and left a paper trail a mile wide for leading Republicans and the world to follow. Alternatively, he may believe he is above the law; if that is the case, we can only hope that he will soon be proved wrong and that the Biden crime family cartel will collapse like a house of cards.

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