Neocon world order so Idealism hijacked by neocons. “if you think these people are stupid you’re being a bit stupid” -Michael Parenti


“That’s what the world is all about unfortunately and for you to think that our leaders are stupid, for you to think that the people who own this world, the people who have built hundreds and hundreds of military bases and are controlling and getting people to kill other people to advance and protect the interests of this top elite, if you think these people are stupid, you’re being a bit stupid. If you think your leader is stupid because he mispronounces certain words you’re being stupid. If you think your leader is enlightened and intelligent and has your interest at heart because he doesn’t mispronounce words and he’s a smooth and articulate speaker you’re being stupid also. So the book is for stupid people to read and get enlightened and advance their consciousness. The book is also for intelligent people to read who want confirmation and want to see how this is brought home and how it weaves together” – Michael Parenti.

I hear all the time on the Duran and on other descending news sources how our government is stupid and how those neocons are stupid and don’t know what they are doing. Let me quote here Parenti: “and for you to think that our leaders are stupid, for you to think that the people who own this world, the people who are built hundreds and hundreds of military bases and are controlling and getting people to kill other people to advance and protect the interests of this top elite, if you think these people are stupid, you’re being a bit stupid.”. So if the Duran or Jimmy Dore show or any other alternative news sources says those people are stupid but in reality they are just a bit stupid.

This world created by propaganda is based on idealist ideology which was hijacked by neocons. Idealism is simply just something behind which neocon imperialistic power politics uses to disguise the politics of the West. To do that they first hijacked the idea of Clash of Civilizations, and they creaated the illusion that our government and our rulers are incompetent and the government is not working well. While in fact it works precisely how they want it to work and that idea that all things that happened were just mistakes is an idea they use to hide their real intentions.

“The entire U.S ruling class ruling Elite comes to see terrorism as the preferred means indeed the only means to provide social cohesion to provide an enemy image for the society to keep it together according to neocon Theory from Carl Schmidt you have to have an enemy image in order to have a society it’s a very dangerous thing because now it means that the entire social order the political parties intellectual life politics in general all based on a monstrous myth” Webster Tarpley Historian Zeitgeist movie

After the Cold War ended they needed “an enemy image for the society to keep it together”. So we got Clash of Civilization. While sanctions undermined and attacked secular Muslim countries our biggest Arab allies are the Saudis and Qataris which are the most radical Islamic states. So while we are trying to destroy secular Arab countries we have supported the most radical ones, at the same time we convince our society that there is a Clash of Civilizations and that they hate us for who we are, not what we do.

That clash of civilization served as a disguise for Neocon world order and Neocon imperialist power politics so in other words the politics of realism which is hidden behind the ideology of idealism and the idea of clash of civilizations. It has allowed neocon destabilization of the Middle East. Invasion of Iraq on the idea of them supporting radical Islamists which was a lie and a lie about WMD. Iraqis had the second biggest and one of the best quality oil reserves. With the control of Iraq and Saudi oil U.S. secured a firm grip on oil. Next they wanted Iran but Iraq ended up to being too big a problem and didn’t allow them future action. Iraq’s invasion was provoked by Sadam wanting to sell oil in euro to mess with Petro dollar so he had to go. Then we got Libya’s Gaddafi, he wanted to sell oil in gold dinar so he had to go also. All that time we were transforming Afghanistan into the biggest world supplier of opioids so Heroin. The US and CIA started promoting farming of poppy seed while Afghanistan was fighting with the USSR. They farmed poppy seed for the US and CIA who used their contacts with black markets to sell it to their own population. It’s not the first time, it’s the same story as with the Contras. The CIA sold cocaine to the American public on black market to finance the Contras. There are many mainstream movies about these stories now, about the US and CIA selling cocaine to the American population. Funny how people don’t connect dots with the current Opioids epidemic. When our Western invasion on Afghanistan began Afghanistan provided around 60% of the world’s supply of opioids. When we were leaving Afghanistan it was providing over 90% of the world’s supply of opioids. I read stories how Afghan Taliban were getting pissed off because their people of course not only grew that stuff but started to use it. So they started destroying the poppy fields and U.S. troops started to shoot at them. I am guessing those poppy fields are needed for the CIA to sell all around the world using black markets for their black budget. While there is an opioid epidemic and crisis in the West I wonder why I am sure those two things are not connected.


But after all our government and our rulers are stupid, they do all those things because they are stupid am I right? Fact we end up with ISIS in Iraq was just a mistake, fact we end up with a Libyan state with open slave markets was also a mistake, fact we end up with so called moderate rebels so Al Qaeda rebranded and rearmed by West with the purpose of creating an ISIS state in Syria is also just mistake just like us making Afghanistan the world supplier of opioids. All thse were mistakes just mistakes caused by the fact our government and our rulers are stupid am I right? No! You are being stupid if you think so!

I found out the truth about the world when I was around 15-years old which was 20 years ago. When I was watching the Iraq war and things that they were saying in the media didn’t make sense. I started watching Al Jazeera coverage on the internet. Now we know Al Jazeera coverage was more truthful than Western coverage. When I watched Al Jazeera coverage I found out what is really happening. One of the first things that made me question things was an interview with U.S. soldiers. They were saying how they have orders to enter Iraqis houses in the middle of night literally terrorising the population, and taking people from their houses for interrogation while not saying to their families anything so making them think they are taking that person with the aim of not bringing him/her back. The U.S soldiers were angry, they were saying those are stupid orders and if someone would treat them how they are treating Iraqis they would also join terrorists like Al Qaeda too.

I didn’t understand that back then and we hear the same thing “stupid orders”. Now I understand. NO IT WAS NOT STUPID ORDER, NO OUR LEADERS ARE NOT STUPID!!! It was intentional, it was all planned. PEOPLE STOP THINKING THOSE ARE JUST MISTAKES!!! Those orders for U.S troops to enter Iraqis houses at night and terrorize people were not mistakes. THOSE WERE DELIBERATE ORDER AND THEY ACHIEVED INTENDED GOAL OF CREATING THE ISIS STATE!!! ISIS states in Iraq and Libya with slave markets have allowed our Western corporations to buy oil illegally from terrorists on discount. So instead of lets say 80$ for a barrel instead of normal a price they bought it from ISIS terrorists illegally for 40$. The US and West promoted destruction, death, radical Islam and war.

All that hell on earth to buy cheaper oil and to make profit. Heil Capitalism, Heil our system, Heil our Western society. Ask yourself like Partenti always says: “Cui bono” so “who benefits?.


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