Ten questions to be asked to every sitting MP

Next year a general election is due. Like many UNN followers, I will not be rushing to the polling station. For the first time, I am minded to stay at home. Yes, there are genuine alternatives to the mainstream ‘uniparty’, such as David Kurten’s socially conservative Heritage Party, but the mountain may be too steep to climb.

Nonetheless, we are supposed to be represented by our constituency MPs, whichever party they belong to.. They should address the concerns of all residents, not only their voters. I suggest, well before an election is announced, testing your MP’s rationale and resolve.

In the fourth year of the present parliament, plenty of time has elapsed on which to evaluate your MP’s contribution. You may already know, or have strong indicators of their performance by omission or commission, but let’s give them a chance to tell us where they stand on the big issues of our time. Let’s challenge them with a series of questions that they have no excuse to sidestep.

I’m thinking of all those policies, imposed by a Conservative government but typically supported across the green benches, that none of us voted for. Here is a template, which may be sent by constituents from Lewis in the Outer Hebrides to Lewes in Sussex: –

Dear [MP]

As a general election will be held next year (if not before), I would be most grateful if you would inform me of your own view on the following matters, all of which are of considerable concern and cost to your voters: –

Do you believe that there is a climate crisis?
Do you believe that Covid-19 was a deadly pandemic?
Do you believe that lockdown was necessary in 2020-2021?
Do you believe that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective?
Do you support billions of pounds of military supplies and indirect or direct involvement of our armed forces in the war in Ukraine?
Do you regard the tens of thousands of people crossing the English Channel and entering the country illegally as ‘refugees’?
Do you believe that it is safe for dozens of undocumented male migrants to be housed in our towns?
Do you support teaching of transgender ideology to our schoolchildren?
If you do not agree with any of the above, what are you doing to oppose such policy?
Finally, what is a woman?

Thanking you, in advance, for your candid answers.

Yours sincerely


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