Media blackout on Yemen War protects Joe Biden | By Robert Inlakesh(absence of morality in the West because of lack of knowledge so Western double standard)

Media blackout on Yemen War protects Joe Biden | By Robert Inlakesh

MSNBC has not done a single news segment on Yemen since Joe Biden took office and since then the war has only intensified. The UN says 377,000 could be dead by the end of the year, but Biden is not k…


“…always priorities time and energy are finite and can’t get around that and the question is how do we compare, how do we decide how to distribute power energies when there are human rights violations and they’re very clear criteria for that. They are almost a hundred percent violated but they’re extremely clear. What you prioritize is what any moral human being does to the predictable consequences of your own actions. That’s what should be prioritized. I mean somebody else’s actions, you can criticize them but there’s no particular moral value to it, unless I can somehow improve things. The one thing you can improve is what you are doing so overwhelmingly our priority ought to be our own engagement in human rights violations which we can change and incidentally that’s kind of independent of scale. Even if the ones we’re carrying out are not so terrible and the ones that somebody else is carrying out are awful but we can’t do anything about it. Then elementary morality says let’s focus on ourselves the practice is almost reverse, almost 100% the reverse and furthermore it’s kind of irreversible. I mean this great pleasure taken in the crimes of others especially if we can’t do anything about them. If some enemy commits horrible crimes and we can’t do a thing about it, it’s just irresistible to posture heroically about their crimes. For one thing it’s costless because you can’t do anything about it for another thing it shows how noble you are another thing is you can lie like a trooper, you can say anything you want and if anybody says says well man that maybe that’s not quite accurate you can come back say oh you’re a genocide supporter you know you’re in favor of Holocaust so the whole stream of techniques is available. So just perfect, intellectuals just love it you know. In fact you see it all over the place. I mean there’s even a new literary genre that developed in the last 10 or 15 years which is very highly respected and that is castigating ourselves for not criticizing strongly enough the crimes of others. That’s just marvelous, for one thing you’re criticizing ourselves so look how moral you are and you’re criticizing ourselves for not doing enough about the crimes of enemies which we can’t do anything about. In fact if you look at the literature on this it’s astonishing and it’s carried out like almost to a tee. It’s like a caricature of itself and the people are nice people actually I know some of them. You know perfectly nice people perfectly decent they think we ought to really sacrifice ourselves you know castigate ourselves for not doing enough about the say Pol Pot’s genocide which there was no suggestion about what to do about. But meanwhile totally ignore everything we’re doing, totally.”


Now look at the fact we are condemning Belarus, Russia and China for crushing decent people while in the West the US has Guantanamo, Patriot Act and it is jailing Assange and people who protested on January 6. Funny how the Ukrainians protesting about their government should be applauded while Americans protesting about the government should be prosecuted and jailed. We condemn Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine but we ourselves don’t feel guilty of perpetuating wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.


That’s what Chomsky is talking about in this fragment. For around 10 years we have had a horrible humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Saudis are killing people with those F-16 Ukraine wants so much and even F-35. The most absurd thing in my opinion is that people in Yemen are dying because of their secularism. They are not indoctrinated enough by Islam to stop them from thinking that profits from oil should go to their people. How could they! (sarcasm) the Saudis need to bomb the shit out of them to convert them to a certain brand of radical Islam so they stop perpetuating “radical nationalism”, “economic nationalism”, “excessive development”. We are told Yemenis are extremist Islamists, if that’s the case why do they fight Saudis, after all Saudis are hardcore Islamists and why are Saudis getting help from ISIS and al Qaeda groups? Saudis don’t kill Yemenis because they are extreme Islamists but because they want profits from the resources of the Yemen. But at the same time we have a clash of civilizations and Islam is our enemy. Do you see how absurd is reality?

How many so-called intellectuals and educated people in the West don’t even know what is or where Yemen is, not mentioning that there is a conflict there and that it is made possible thanks to us because it’s caused by our allies whom we support. That’s the point we are not supposed to think about our wrong doings. Since CNN and FOX news will not mention Yemen most of the so-called Western intellectuals don’t know about Yemen.

Now look if they were able to convince people that our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were justified and were not illegal wars against weaker countries with the purpose of securing their resources but just mistakes and convince people that the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world that we have is in Yemen and that is caused by our allies with our support, and many people do not know this calamity exists. Just think how much power they have in creating so-called narrative images of the world which most simple (stupid) people think is the real world. So if they were able to achieve that, why would they not be able to convince people that the war in Ukraine is all Putin’s fault and he is responsible for it and that he is horrible and we are wonderful.

In reality Putin just wanted people in Ukraine to stop killing themselves, stop killing each other which was instigated by the West. While the West instigated internal fighting with the purpose of forcing Putin’s hand to create conflict so they could later blame this conflict on him. Putin wanted Ukrainians to stop killing each other, so people will stop dying. While the West wanted for as many Ukrainians to die, since the more Ukrainians die the better for the West because after all we will blame all those deaths on Putin.

Meanwhile while all this Ukrainian theater is going on, the people in Yemen are dying in silence, like they did not exist. Because in the minds of most Western intellectuals they do not exist. Since the only thing that exists is what comes out of the Tube and since CNN and FOX don’t mention Yemen that it has to mean it does not exist. Besides we are the good ones, the great ones, the wonderful ones. The ones that only spread peace, democracy, and prosperity so there is no point in looking at our wrong doings because there are none. So we need to focus on our enemy’s wrong doings and “castigating ourselves for not criticizing strongly enough the crimes of others” so we should castigate ourselves for not criticizing Putin strongly enough, while not looking on what is really happening and our wrong doings.

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