Great interview containing explanations of nuclear military doctrines. Really scary.

Great interview, the most interesting thing is at the beginning when they talk about nuclear military doctrines. I know the US wants to be able to use nuclear weapons offensively, that’s why Bush left the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. The US hoped their technological superiority would allow them to develop Anti-Ballistic Missiles that would create a sort of shield which would allow them to use nuclear weapons without worrying about retaliation. For example, I heard about nuclear torpedoes developed by Russia. It sounded not too logical to create them, but he examples them in this interview. Their purse is to counteract US actions in developing an Anti-Ballistic shield. Since even if the US would achieve such technology they would also have to create an Anti-torpedoes shield. We possess technology to track and intercept missiles but not torpedoes. So it’s not stupid after all. 

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