Reason why in my opinion we left Afghanistan.


“this if you begin with Putin’s attempt to become an American partner after 9/11. If you look at all the things that he did for the United States we asked for during the reset. Putting heavier sanctions on Iran, supplying American and NATO troops fighting in Afghanistan. Which by the way continues even today. We have no other safe route there. Pakistan is not safe.”


This interview was given in 2015 after the conflict in Ukraine already started. Cohen describes here the fact that American and NATO troops could only be supplied in Afghanistan via Russia territory. It was after conflict started and we had already put sanctions on Putin and Russia. So at the same time as we put sanctions on them and perpetuated proxy conflict we were asking Russia and Putin to let us supply our forces in Afghanistan. Official story was that Biden is such a good guy that he wanted to end the endless war. So NEOCON like Joe Biden who didn’t saw war that he didn’t liked. He ended the war in Afghanistan because he is a peace loving guy, that made me laugh so hard.


If we supplied forces in Afghanistan via Russia still in 2015 after conflict and sanctions started. Question is did we still supply conflict in Afghanistan in 2022 via Russia. If we did that would explain leaving Afghanistan. Since the US knew that if they want to start conflict in Ukraine they will have to end conflict in Afghanistan. Since it would be hard to on one hand call Putin Hitler and on the other hand ask Putin to let us supply force in Afghanistan. So when their intelligence told them Russia would attack Ukraine they were forced to quickly leave Afghanistan. That, in my opinion, was the reason why they left Afghanistan.



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