American History of Voter Fraud — Reviewed

Lila Hart is a comedienne, or comedian as the females of this profession tend to call themselves nowadays. Normally her routine centres on her height, or lack of it, and her affliction – spina bifida. Here though she finds little to laugh about. This nearly two hour long documentary was released on her official website embedded from YouTube, appropriately on July 4. Recently, she spoke to Dinesh D’Souza about it; as he knows a thing or two about voter fraud, it is clearly worth watching.

The first thing we learn from it is that voter fraud has a long history in the United States, not only in general elections. Less surprising is that it is overwhelmingly a Democrat pastime. There are many ways of tampering with an election, the most shocking of which is the most recent, the near total collusion between the tech giants, the Deep State, the mainstream media and the Democratic leadership to suppress all mention of the laptop from Hell and the corruption of the Biden family. And that is before we mention the Russian collusion hoax.

Two of the most effective traditional ways are tampering with mail-in voting and absentee ballots, but there are many others. Numerous examples are given here including testimony from many sources, especially from the 1970s and 80s. 

Fraud aside, there are problems with optical scanners, which are used for the convenience of officials rather than for accuracy. There is also some amusing commentary concerning the 2000 election in which the Republican Tom Feeney is alleged to have asked a computer company to come up with a way to “flip” votes. 

In 2008, Judge Carlton Vines was indicted for voter fraud in connection with his own position. )The previous year he was arrested for driving under the influence). Here is some official documentation on this particular scam, which involved absentee ballots.

Most voter fraud though is highly organised and relies little on individuals. The fraud perpetrated by Acorn beggars belief. 

The amazing thing is that when Donald Trump and his supporters made similar claims concerning the rigged 2020 election, they were laughed at. Yet here we see exactly the same techniques being used a decade and more earlier. 

Project Veritas make an appearance and catches confessions on hidden camera. Others confess openly on camera. We hear too from a whistle blower, a black woman who contacted the New York Times in connection with fraud concerning the election of Obama. She was  fobbed off with a garbage excuse. All this evidence is either laughed at or ignored. 

The Democrats and their ugly allies were able to steal the last election due to covid, and are now well on their way to turning America into a total police state, though it may fall apart before they are able to complete the task.

The simplest solution to future election fraud is with very limited exceptions to have people vote on election day in person using paper ballots (and proper ID) counted by human beings. This is the system used in the United Kingdom and many other jurisdictions. In the UK, the only voter fraud that happens is on a tiny scale in local elections; the perpetrators are religious and/or ethnic minorities and if they do any damage at all it is trivial and extremely parochial. The United States has a much larger population and the distances people have to travel to vote are often a lot greater, but that is a small price to pay for honest government.

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