The European Union does not want to resolve the conflict in Ukraine

A few days ago, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that the EU would not mediate between Ukraine and Russia. According to him, the United Nations should deal with the settlement of this conflict. Initially, this proposal is doomed to failure. The UN has not decided anything for a long time.This organization is practically dead. The head of European diplomacy also suggested Turkey as a mediator. Referring to the fact that Ankara has good relations with Moscow and Kyiv.

The European Union will be watching the war and the loss of life at this time. According to Josep Borrell, the European Union does not want to fight with Russia,but will continue to supply weapons to Ukraine. Measures of sanctions pressure on Russia will be continued in order to further weaken the Russian economy and isolate Russia. For this, terminals for receiving liquefied gas will be built in Europe.

The desire to stop the war and stop the loss of life in the European Union is not visible. What did the European Union do to win Ukraine or end the conflict, to help refugees? Almost nothing. Military assistance in the form of supplies of equipment, weapons, ammunition is provided from individual countries, and not on behalf of the European Union. Everyone knows that the United States and Great Britain have been the most successful in this matter. But not the EU. Even Australia provided more help. The European Union does not help the European countries that accept Ukrainian refugees and spend their own budget funds on them. This has been written about many times. Moreover, the European Union is again starting a confrontation with Poland and Hungary, demanding to freeze the funds of these countries. This is done to force the adoption of decisions imposed by the EU.

On May 3, the deputies of the European Parliament supported by a majority vote a resolution on blocking the funds of Poland and Hungary. Actions against Hungary can be justified by the country’s unwillingness to support anti-russian sanctions for the sake of its own comfort. Such actions against Poland are unacceptable at the present time, when the republic supports millions of Ukrainian refugees. In addition, debates on these issues were initiated in the European Parliament on 3 May. On this day Poland celebrates Constitution Day.

Let me remind you that fines imposed on Poland for non-execution of two judgments of the European Court in the amount of 160 million euros began to be levied forcibly.The lack of assistance and the creation of new problems for Poland will be remembered by the European Union during the Ukrainian crisis.

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