JD Vance’s Deep Ties to the Surveillance State! w/ Whitney Webb! (PRISM, Palantir, Lifelog, AI, and Real Surveillance of Huxley World of Naive)

First of all, I love Jimmy and Whitney. This video is very informative. What Whitney speaks about is something I mentioned in one of my posts: In the Age of AI – Full Documentary – Frontline

“What they forget to mention is that for people who are aware of what is happening in the world, remember one man called Snowden. People may not remember, but what Snowden basically proved is that the CIA and NSA, under program PRISM, recorded everything that was happening on the internet, which in other words was a HUGE AMOUNT OF DATA. I am sure they feed all that data to their AI.”

Most people forgot about Snowden, PRISM, and Palantir, but when I found out about the work of Shoshana Zuboff, which I also posted: Surveillance Capitalism

One of the first things I thought when I found out about “Surveillance Capitalism” was the PRISM, Palantir, and data collected by the NSA that Snowden showed us.


“Just so people realize the scope of what we’re talking about because this is really ominous.

Right, so this has been coming for a long time, and now Peter Thiel and Palantir are at the forefront of this.

The Poindexter and ADaRPA program manager, this is from your article, sought to build a database tracking a person’s entire existence. It included an individual’s relationships and communications, meaning phone calls, mail, email, plus their media consumption habits, their purchases, and much more. They aimed to build a digital record of ‘everything an individual says, sees, or does.’ This program was called Lifelog.

They would then take this unstructured data and organize it into discrete episodes or snapshots, while also mapping out relationships, memories, events, and experiences. This seems so Aldous Huxley, crazy futuristic, but it’s not the future. It’s here now, and this happened decades ago.”

This all happened in the 2000s and is connected with what Shoshana Zuboff wrote about Google:Surveillance Capitalism


“It turns out that whenever we search or browse, we’re leaving behind traces—digital traces—of our behavior. And those traces, back in these days, were called digital exhaust.”

“They realized how valuable this data could be by applying machine learning algorithms to predict users’ interests.”

“What happened was, they decided to turn to those data logs in a systematic way, and to begin to use these surplus data as a way to come up with fine-grained predictions of what a user would click on, what kind of ad a user would click on. And inside Google, they started seeing these revenues pile up at a startling rate. They realized that they had to keep it secret. They didn’t want anyone to know how much money they were making, or how they were making it. Because users had no idea that this extra-behavioral data that told so much about them, you know, was just out there, and now it was being used to predict their future.”

“And it was only when Google went public in 2004 that the numbers were released. And it’s at that point that we learn that between the year 2000 and the year 2004, Google’s revenue line increased by 3,590%.”

This moment is connected to the creation of PRISM and Lifelog. We are talking about events that happened almost two decades ago. During these almost two decades, they created lifelogs and, using supercomputers and machine learning, they created behavioral predictions. This way, they are able to manipulate most of the population.

And here is something new and interesting about MBS and Epstein:


“Hates Trump so much to the point where they impeached him twice, gave him four different charges. If he’s going along and playing their game, and Peter Thiel is their big funder, why do they seem to hate him so much on the surface? In fact, almost an assassination attempt was obviously an inside job. What do you say to that?”

Well, I think part of it is factional stuff. I’ve said this about why Epstein was taken out as well. I think the reason Epstein was taken out was because he was close to Muhammad bin Salman and helped engineer his rise to power, getting rid of John Brennan’s Golden Boy, the previous Crown Prince that Brennan had cultivated. Brennan got mad and was involved in creating things like Russiagate and all these other things, and I think also getting Epstein taken out. At the time Epstein died, MBS was very involved with Kushner. Not necessarily that Trump and Epstein were close, but it seems likely they were batting for the same team at the time Epstein died, or at least before he was arrested in 2019. That’s why you have Steve Bannon being the person trying to rehabilitate Trump’s image, filming him for like 15 hours to make a documentary about how great he is and all of this stuff.

So you think it’s just factional?

Well, I think part of it’s factional, but also keep in mind that some political stuff happens to distract us. If you look at Peter Thiel, he’s a big Republican donor. Eric Schmidt is a big Democrat donor, and they both essentially run the American faction of the Bilderberg conference together. They agree on a lot more than they don’t at the end of the day, and I think they like to distract us with a lot of this stuff. Most people know Trump for being, before he was president, a reality TV star and for being on wrestling and all of that stuff. He knows how to be photogenic. In the first campaign, he was pretty funny at times, and he knows how to make regular Americans like him. People should not just focus so much on the persona that he’s developed but also on his policies…

Some of the stuff used to target Trump, like maybe some of these court cases and some of these other things, might be inorganic. This is a guy that helped lock down the country, gave Fauci awards, and promoted Operation Warp Speed the whole time. His base hated that, so how do you re-energize them and make them like him again? We have to keep in mind that Trump has powerful backers that liked what he did the first time and have wanted him back in power.

…so how do you re-energize them and make them like him again?

There is no proof yet, and I am not even sure if Trump knew, but his assassination attempt could not be real in my opinion. There are signs showing he may have known, or he is stupid, or it was just adrenaline. The moment Trump gets shot, you see him thrown to the ground, and when they try to take him off the scene, he tells them: “My shoes, let me wear my shoes.” He doesn’t let them take him off the scene. You can explain this strange behavior by adrenaline. Otherwise, it is strange to think more about your shoes and looking good than living unless you knew you were not really a target, which would explain everything.

If the deep state really wanted Trump to die, he would be dead. But I am assuming even they are not so stupid since my first reaction to Trump getting shot was, “I hope he is not dead because that would mean civil war in the US,” and the deep state doesn’t want civil war in the US either. So no matter how much they hate him and would like to assasin him, they would not assasin him because it would mean civil war. If they wanted to kill him, he would be dead.

So in my eyes, it was not some lone shooter—that is obvious by everything happening around—and it’s not the deep state trying to kill him but his allies making a PR stunt. The strange thing is that the bullet was allowed to fly so close to his head, almost killing him, but this was 9 years ago: