EXCLUSIVE: Algerian President Tebboune says opportunity exists for “appeased relations” with France

In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune says there is an opportunity to achieve “appeased relations” with France. He believes that French President Emmanuel Macron is “honest” and “proper” with regard to the country’s colonial past, welcomes the return of Algerian resistance fighters’ skulls and hopes for further gestures in this direction.

Area C, the chunk of the West Bank the Israeli right has long coveted

Encouraged by US President Donald Trump’s so-called “deal of the century”, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been in a position to start his controversial West Bank annexation plan since July 1. The prime, fertile Jordan Valley, located in the West Bank’s Area C are in the Israeli leader’s sights and have long been coveted by his hard-right supporters.

Covid 19: Making the poor poorer

Every day thousands of people around the world continue to become direct casualties of the Covid-19. But there’s another group slowly emerging — indirect victims who have not contracted the virus but are suffering its consequences. Our reporter Julie Dungelhoff went to meet a temporary worker and cleaner who have been hard hit by the crisis.