What The Psychics Predicted For 2021

As we start the new year we should all be looking forward, but it doesn’t hurt to look back to see what was predicted for the past year. Psychics, so-called, are usually terrible at making accurate predictions unless they are either very general or the sort of predictions most people could make. Yes, there will be a notorious serial killer brought to book, if not in the United States then somewhere in the world; a plane crash with massive loss of life; an elderly politician dies in office, resigns on health grounds or is ousted…who could that be?

There are countless numbers of these con men, and just as many if not even more con women who are eager to take your money on-line or in person, but let’s look at a few who dispensed us free advice for 2021 and see how they shape up now it has been and gone.

Karen Yee babbles both Western and Chinese astrology, babbles being the operative word. On January 2 last year she said we may see something dramatic in December. Dramatic being a plane crash, an earthquake, a civil war – fill in anything dramatic for the lady.

Ralph Smart doesn’t live up to his name, but he does make a lot of predictions. On August 3 last he predicted the following:

More covid restrictions including censorship – like The Duran and countless others monitoring this manufactured crisis.

No vaccine that is 100% effective for all of us – as any doctor or anyone with a smattering of medical knowledge could have told us and probably did.

A staged food shortage – nope.

A fake alien invasion – nope.

A new virus, not covid, which will also be staged – no, twice no and thrice no, but please don’t give these people ideas.

People will leave social media – suggesting great numbers; that doesn’t appear to have happened or to be happening in spite of many pundits advising us to.  Usually through social media.

Regular staged Internet blackouts – nope.

He made many other predictions too, but as usual they are so generic  they could mean almost anything or are so predictable that any reasonably intelligent person could have predicted them.

On January 1 last year Psychic Nikki was called upon by the Canadian channel CityNews to give Canucks her predictions.

Everything will go back to normal, she said, hedging her bets by claiming this will take up to 2023.

Some politicians will resign in Canada. She didn’t mention Justin Trudeau, and sadly she would have been wrong if she had, but politicians resign all the time, including a minister in Ontario the previous month.

She said she was worried about Tom Cruise and Miley Cyrus. A List celebrity Cruise hasn’t been in the news much recently, but he appears to be both in sparkling good health and working on at least one project.

Incredibly, Miley Cyrus is still only 29, and in spite of some of her dubious antics appears likewise to be in sparkling good health.

Viola Davis possibly getting an Oscar. Or possibly not.  Miss Davis is currently 56 years old; she has won over a hundred awards including the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2016, and was nominated for a 2020 film, so this wouldn’t have been much of a prediction had this “possibly” come true.

Taylor Swift will get married. Nope, but she is currently living-in-sin with a dude two year her junior.

Finally, Saagar Enjeti is no astrologer, but his honest evaluation of his performance was made on December 24. This was the major prediction he got wrong:

Joe Biden would have a 70% approval rating because all he had to do was distribute vaccines and give out $2,000 stimulus cheques.

If that was all he had done, he would certainly be a lot less unpopular than he is, but he kicked off his presidency by destroying eleven thousand high paying blue collar jobs and opening the southern border. Best not mention the laptop from Hell, Afghanistan, the encroaching police state or inflation.

If Saagar didn’t see that coming, neither did any of the psychics, and the public certainly didn’t or Donald Trump would still be President, apart from the little matter of a rigged election.

Was The Epstein Sex Trafficking Conspiracy All Smoke And Mirrors?

As Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted on five of six charges last week/last year, that may sound an absurd question, especially as the State chose to call only four alleged victims to testify against her, which has led many people to claim there has been a massive cover-up to protect guilty men in high places. But there is an alternative and much more plausible explanation, both for that and for the ultra-lenient treatment the now deceased Jeffrey Epstein received when he was first arrested.

Although the allegations against him have mushroomed with the passage of time, he was accused initially only of soliciting underage girls to perform “sexual massages”.

The age of consent in Florida is, and was then, eighteen. The youngest girl Epstein recruited appears to have been fourteen. There have been claims that some were younger, but none of these claims has been substantiated. Had he engaged in such activity in the UK, he would have been treated more severely, but not much more severely. Odious as Epstein was, and even allowing for the scale of his procuring, it pales by comparison with some of the grooming gang cases we have seen here in which even younger girls were gang-raped time and time again.

Epstein’s victims were also well rewarded for their services, and after he was charged it was hardly surprising that many of them pursued him in the civil courts aided by unscrupulous lawyers working on a no-win/no-fee basis. Indeed, it is one of those lawyers who is largely responsible for the claim that Epstein pimped out some of these girls to extremely wealthy men and powerful politicians.

Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are the biggest political names, but sliming Trump has become a national obsession with the mainstream media, while conspiracy cranks have had a field day with Clinton. Two of Epstein’s and Maxwell’s most vocal accusers are Sarah Ransome and the former Virginia Roberts. Ransome claims to have been raped repeatedly by Epstein, and Roberts to have been “trafficked” to all manner of people. So why were they not called as prosecution witnesses? Because their claims would not stand up to cross-examination. We see this time and time and time again, to take just one example, a much touted claim of innocence rather than one of guilt, the Innocence Project has been waging a fierce campaign on behalf of Rodney Reed, who murdered Stacey Stites in 1996. Reed is also a serial rapist; because the case against him for the Stites murder was so strong, and because he was sentenced to death, the State elected not to try him for the kidnapping and attempted rape of Linda Schleuter or any of his other crimes. So why is Reed still behind bars? Because people can make any outrageous claim in public, and if it suits their agenda, the mass media will parrot it uncritically. In the court of public opinion, Reed is an innocent man; in the court of law, he is a convicted murderer and a sexual predator of the worse kind.

Conversely, in the media, Sarah Ransome is a rape victim when in reality she travelled freely with Epstein, the man who rented her New York apartment for her. She was well over the age of consent when she met him, yet we are asked to believe she allowed herself to be sexually violated by him for years.

In the media, the former Virginia Roberts is a sex trafficking victim, yet in reality and by her own, filmed admission, she was herself a child sex trafficker, yet the media glosses over this as though she had no agency. She was paid to have sex with Prince Andrew after a night out in a high class nightclub, yet years later she is a victim.

Both Ransome and certainly Roberts could have been indicted along with Epstein, especially the latter, yet now they are victims of Ghislaine Maxwell rather than co-conspirators.

What then of the claim that Epstein worked with intelligence agencies to entrap powerful politicians and others on camera? This is of course possible, but it is more plausible that he was also an extreme voyeur and liked to spy on his house guests. If the names of wealthy men and powerful politicians were kept out of the Maxwell trial it is most likely that this was to protect their reputations from outrageously false allegations. Any male politician, business person or celebrity can be falsely accused at any time, indeed it happens all the time. The list of falsely accused celebrities includes – in no particular order – the magician David Copperfield, Mike Tyson, German weatherman Jörg Kachelmann, TV presenters Tucker Carlson and Greg Kelly, musicians Conor Oberst, Mick Hucknall, Paul Weller, and Justin Bieber.

After he was rightly convicted of rape, Mike Tyson became an easy target for false allegations, so did Epstein, and now that he is dead, he can be accused of absolutely anything.

Ghislaine Maxwell is facing an extremely heavy sentence for crimes which in Britain would have earned her six or seven years at the very most. Many pundits have suggested she will now be ready to sing in return for leniency, but as Alan Dershowitz once pointed out, in a situation like this a defendant or convicted felon may be tempted not only to sing but to compose. This should be borne in mind when evaluating anything she says prior to her being sentenced.

Behaviour-manipulation psychologist made MBE for work on changing public attitudes to the climate hoax – another Cult-owned Queen award for services to the agendaBehaviour-manipulation psychologist made MBE for work on changing public attitudes to the climate hoax – another Cult-owned Queen award for services to the agenda

An environmental psychologist has been made an MBE for her research into public perception of the climate crisis and shifting patterns of consumer behaviour.

© Provided by Evening Standard Prof Lorraine WhitmarshProfessor Lorraine Whitmarsh, from the University of Bath was recognised in the New Year Honours list for her work in areas including meat consumption, energy use, waste reduction and low-carbon technologies.

Prof Whitmarsh is also the director of the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) – a collaboration between academics at the universities of Cardiff, Manchester, York, East Anglia and Bath and charity Climate Outreach.

In 2021, she joined the Climate Crisis Advisory Group, which advises policymakers on strategies for the shift to a net zero future.

It is encouraging that the role of the social sciences in tackling rising temperatures is recognised and valued in this way

Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh

Prof Whitmarsh advises on how the Government can help the public switch to low-carbon behaviours, as well as on climate change communication.

In the past year, she was part of research that found low-carbon travel policies coupled with measures to better insulate our homes could save the NHS £17 billion over the next two decades.

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Israel’s ban on un-fake-vaccinated entering shopping malls goes into effect and as the Cult agenda is globally coordinated this is the plan for everywhere – all these restrictions will apply to you jabbed people whenever you refuse a single one of the endless ‘boosters’

Shoppers are required to show their Green Passes in any store larger than 100 square meters beginning Monday, after the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved the government’s plan – but only for the next nine days.
The decision was made as the number of cases in the country continues to climb, especially among children, the prime minister’s daughter tested positive for the virus, and Israel approved a drug that could help stop serious infection.
The Knesset approved the government’s outline for malls and indoor shopping areas.
Specifically, entrance into any store larger than 100 square meters will now require a Green Pass, including for employees of these stores.
In general, malls will operate according to a strict Purple Ribbon outline, which means that occupancy can be one person for every 15 square meters in the larger shopping center. Stores that sell essential items, such as pharmacies and grocery stores, will adhere to this outline and no Green Pass will be required.

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Secondary school pupils will be told to wear face masks all day when they return this week as Cult-owned PM says keeping classrooms open is number one priority in the face of made-up ‘Omicron’ and manufactured ‘testing chaos’. Don’t do it kids – the people telling you like this dishevelled prat are mass-murdering PSYCHOPATHS

Secondary school pupils will be told to wear face masks from the moment they arrive until they leave when they return to classrooms this week.

In a desperate effort to protect the education of millions of youngsters amid a sharp rise in cases of the Omicron variant, Ministers have requested that pupils cover their faces all day – including while they are being taught.

Students are already asked to wear masks in communal areas.

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi last night said he and Boris Johnson saw schools as their ‘No 1 priority’, adding that they wanted to ‘do everything in our power to minimise disruption’.

The wearing of masks is not a legal requirement, but Ministers expect schools to follow the guidance, which also applies to teachers and support staff.

The measures will be reviewed on January 26, with a Government source saying they ‘will not be in place a minute longer than they need to be’, and adding: ‘It is obviously a better classroom experience without masks.’

Ministers are braced for a ‘big bang’ of Omicron cases and staff shortages when students and teachers are tested for coronavirus this week.

A substantial surge in either could see larger class sizes or a return to remote learning for some pupils.

In London, where rates of Omicron are particularly high, parents have been warned that school closures cannot be ruled out.

‘As a general rule, the more you test the more you are going to find Covid,’ the source said. ‘But the idea is that by containing it early, you stop the spread in schools.’

Read more: Secondary school pupils will be told to wear face masks all day when they return this week as Cult-owned PM says keeping classrooms open is  number one priority in the face of made-up ‘Omicron’ and manufactured ‘testing chaos’. Don’t do it kids – the people telling you like this dishevelled prat are mass-murdering PSYCHOPATHS