New thrilling book “For Victims Yours and Ours” – Press Release

A unique historical investigation into the criminal agenda of the City of London’s merchant elite that shaped world history and determined destiny of millions

7 years of research, nearly 4,500 references, comprehensive analysis

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Dear Friends,

We would like to invite all the people who search for deeper understanding of historical events  and the powers that shaped human history in the past centuries to dive deeply into our recently released book: “FOR VICTIMS YOURS AND OURS” – a unique historical investigation into the criminal agenda that spans 2000 years of history and is associated with the merchant elites of the CITY OF LONDON.

The book is a result of our 7-year long investigation into the circumstances surrounding the unlawful destruction of the Anglo-Polish cultural and religious heritage site in Fawley Court estate in England, which had been overtaken by an offshore company with support of the Vatican and the British authorities, in particular the UK Charity Commission, the UK Ministry of Justice and the UK Supreme Court. Fawley Court was an inspiration for Toad Hall, a country house in a famous children’s book The Wind in the Willows, written by Kenneth Grahame, a long-serving secretary of the Bank of England. Kenneth Grahame left the Bank of England in June 1908 and soon after he published the children’s iconic book The Wind in the Willows which revolves around an unlawful takeover of an English stately home by the weasels and its subsequent recovery by Mr Toad and his companions.

Under cover of a seemingly innocent tale Kenneth Grahame conveyed a hidden secret that England had long been overtaken by the merchant elites of the City of London. In Chapter Four of his book, when Mole and Rat visit Mr. Badger, the latter shows them the underground City of “…the solid vaultings of the crammed store-chambers, the masonry everywhere, the pillars, the arches, the pavements.” He then tells them a story that “…very long ago, on the spot where the Wild Wood waves now, before ever it had planted itself and grown up to what it now is, there was a city – a city of people you know. Here, where we are standing, they lived, and walked, and talked and slept, and carried on their BUSINESS. Here they stabled their horses and feasted, from here they rode out to fight or drove out to trade. They were a powerful people, and rich and great builders. They built to last, for they thought their city would last forever.”

The City to which Kenneth Grahame makes reference in his book, is the City of London Corporation that helped to build a number of states and global empires including the British Empire, the Russian Empire, the German Reich and the Empire of Japan. At the same time, it assisted in the demise of many states and empires including Catholic France, Catholic Spain, Catholic Ireland, Catholic Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Confucian China and the Ottoman Empire. In the XX century, the merchant elites of the City of London and their affiliated partners in the City’s American branch, Washington D.C., became, through series of cross-border cartel arrangements, source of two destructive world wars and the communist revolution which aimed to abolish nation states, expropriate land and destroy Christian society. They created, financed and maintained the Soviet Empire and other communist regimes, which gave them a pretext for constant armament expenditure, thus creating a “balance of terror” in the world for their own commercial benefits. Today, these merchant elites or their successors in title hide their accumulated wealth in numerous tax havens and continue the same agenda through different means. They finance various terrorist groups, engineer mass migration, manufacture financial or epidemic crises in order to shift public attention away from themselves.

Our book “For Victims Yours and Ours” exposes and documents for the first time the criminal agenda of the merchant elites of the City of London that has been kept hidden for centuries. It is a monument dedicated to millions of their victims and a tribute to many forgotten heroes who resisted their oppression. It is THE KEY to understand the powers that shaped past events and continue to determine our future.

We can assure you that you will find no other book that would explain so comprehensively the source of all major crimes committed against humankind in the last 2000 years of history. It is also the only book that contains the witness statements of so many victims and shows how they became victims of the exact same forces.

Our book is supported by nearly 4,500 references to historical books, dissertations, national archives, reports and press articles and other relevant sources and is a result of many years of our campaign, research and analysis. On the website you will find excerpts from the book, as well as articles on the subject of history and geopolitics.

Without going deep into the multiple layers of our history, it is not possible to get closer to the historical truth whilst sketchy articles about these difficult subjects may only provide fuel for the members of the established powerful forces who search to ridicule these shocking historical truths in order to protect their interests.

Like many other readers of this website, we value David Icke’s work, who has been trying to awaken people to understand that their lives are being shaped by a group of powerful interests with very old lineage and agenda, and our book provides evidence for many of his theories in a comprehensive and documented historical narrative.

If we want to challenge the existing world order, we must first have the necessary knowledge and level of consciousness. The change begins at individual level.

We are left with scraps of hope that there are still sensitive and intelligent people out there who value this sort of in-depth analysis and have the ability and will to support our work by any means possible, at least by purchasing our unique Book.

Available for purchase on our website:



Yours faithfully,


Natalie Graszewicz and Dominik Socha

The authors of “For Victims Yours and Ours”



Novak Djokovic’s dad unleashes brutal rant at Scott Morrison branding him a ‘dictator’ and calling on the Queen to protect his ‘tortured’ tennis star son – comparing his treatment to Guantanamo Bay

Novak Djokovic‘s father has unleashed a brutal verbal tirade against Australia’s Prime Minister, labelling him a ‘dictator’ and calling on the Queen to step in after the tennis champion’s visa debacle.

The 34-year old world No.1 tennis star was released from immigration detention on Monday evening after a Federal Court hearing resulted in the decision to cancel his entry visa being overturned.

Speaking to Serbian media in his native language shortly after, Srdjan Djokovic said Australia had turned it’s back on the ‘ideals of the free world’.

His extraordinary rant followed claims from Novak’s brother that Australian officials were seeking to arrest the tennis ace following the court outcome and re-cancel his visa.

This was later confirmed as false.

Autocracy has shown its true face today. Contrary to the decision of the Independent Court of Australia, dictator Scott ordered the arrest of my son, Your World Champion, Novak Djokovic, and deportation, banning him from entering the country for three long years,’ Srdjan Djokovic said.

‘The court showed that law exists in Australia, but Scott dared to take justice into his own hands.

‘I call on the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth, the leader of the Commonwealth, to intervene and protect the human rights of my son Novak Djokovic and to stop the political prosecution that has been carried out against him since he came to Australia.

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Anti-vax group decries new restrictions warning (VIDEO)

Anti-lockdown protesters march through Copenhagen, Denmark

Black-clad activists marched through Denmark’s capital Copenhagen on Sunday, decrying anti-Covid rules. The protest took place after the prime minister warned of new restrictions.

Protesters from the activist group Men in Black marched through central Copenhagen exactly one year after they held their first official demonstration in the city. The group promoted the march on social media as “democratic resistance to the epidemic law and the government’s attack on our freedoms.”

The activists carried a large banner reading “No to the epidemic law,” referring to the legislation that regulates Covid restrictions.

Black-clad protesters also carried flares and shot fireworks into the air, chanting, “We’ve had enough” and “Freedom for Denmark.”

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Around 1,000 people participated in the gathering, Copenhagen police spokesperson Dyre Sonnicksen told TV 2 Lorry.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen warned last month that tougher restrictions may be needed to tackle the rise in Covid cases and the arrival of the Omicron variant of the virus.

UK govt demands housebuilders spend billions to fix dangerous cladding

The move could save homeowners tens of thousands on the costly alterations

UK Housing Secretary Michael Gove has given housebuilders until March to respond to a demand to pay the “full outstanding cost” of removing dangerous cladding from buildings, estimated to total £4 billion ($5.44 billion).

The government’s order to housebuilders, laid out in an open letter reported by UK media on Monday, seeks to end the stalemate between developers and owners over who is responsible for making properties safe.

“It is neither fair nor decent that innocent leaseholders, many of whom have worked hard and made sacrifices to get a foot on the housing ladder, should be landed with bills they cannot afford to fix problems they did not cause,” Gove said, outlining the new demands.

Campaigners have been calling on UK officials to force developers to make changes to buildings in the wake of the fatal 2017 Grenfell Tower blaze that killed more than 70 people. Following the tragedy, it was revealed that the cheap flammable cladding on Grenfell Tower was widely used on numerous flat blocks throughout the UK, forcing residents to make costly alterations or introduce around-the-clock fire safety measures.

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19-storey tower block reportedly clad with flammable panelling catches fire in London (VIDEO)

The new rules would compel developers to remove cladding on buildings that are between 11 and 18 meters (36 and 59 feet) high, saving tenants tens of thousands of pounds in bills.

If housebuilders refuse to accept responsibility for the cladding, the government has pledged to take all necessary steps to pressure them to do so. Potential action that could be taken includes restricting access to funding and future procurements.

The government’s letter to developers meets the request from campaigners for a £4 billion package to protect them against the extortionate costs of tackling cladding. However, activists urged Gove to expand the areas covered to other fire-safety issues, such as wooden balconies where “people are still facing life-changing costs.”