Why Trump Too Is Totally Unacceptable to Vote For:

Eric Zuesse (blogs at https://theduran.com/author/eric-zuesse/)

Donald Trump delivered a speech to the Libertarian Party Convention on May 25th (see it here; read its transcript here), and said that if he becomes President again, America will “quit spending hundreds of billions of dollars to fight other people’s wars”; and on May 28th, the Washington Post, headlined “Trump makes sweeping promises to donors on audacious fundraising tour”, and reported that at one fundraising event for billionaires and centi-millionaires (not for mere voters), “he suggested that he would have bombed Moscow and Beijing if Russia invaded Ukraine or China invaded Taiwan.” In other words: to him, regarding the current war in Ukraine, and regarding the long-sought-by-the-U.S.-Government war in Taiwan, those two wars and to-become wars, are not merely “other people’s wars,” but these are our wars — meaning those American billionaires’ and centi-millionaires’ wars — to which he, as the U.S. President, would respond immediately by bombing, respectively, Russia and China.

However, if he was lying to his megadonors, then he was telling the truth to his voters; and if he was lying to his voters, then he was telling the truth to his megadonors. In that sense, Trump was like a broken clock: it’s right twice each day; it’s not always wrong. But, regardless, a person would be reasonable to surmise that the vast majority of his voters believe that he will discontinue whatever the phrase “other people’s wars” means to them, and that the vast majority of his campaign’s funding comes from individuals who sell to the Pentagon or otherwise are investors in the corporations that derive their profits from all of America’s wars — that all of America’s wars are their wars, instead of merely “other people’s wars.” So, if a tension exists between these two sides (the individuals who provide the majority of the votes in his politics, versus the individuals who provide the majority of the funds in his politics); then, though Trump is telling opposite things to each of the two sides, the majority of the individuals on each ot the two sides of his campaign are believers in what he is telling them; and, therefore, that the real question for both of the two sides of his campaign is: Is he conning us, or is he instead conning the other side of ‘our’ campaign? And, of course, each of the two sides will think that the fools are on the opposite side, not on their own side, of Trump’s campaign. So: Are most of Trump’s megadonors fools, or are virtually all of Trump’s voters fools? That is the question here, is it not?

If that is the case, then Trump’s megadonors are investing in his campaign to take advantage of the fools who will be voting for him; and also Trump’s voters are taking advantage of the money that was donated by Trump’s megadonors in order to persuade them to vote for him. Each of the campaign’s two sides — the voting side and the funding side — is working together as part of the team to make Donald Trump the President again.

And that is how his campaign functions.

In American politics, at least ever since 1945, this has been the normal way for it to function.

I have been tracking Trump and other U.S. federal candidates and elected officials for decades, and have found that consistently what they promise to their megadonors in private (but which has nonetheless subsequently been leaked out) they fulfill on when they become federal officials; and what they promise to their voters they don’t fulfill on. This has certainly been true with both Trump and Biden.

Consequently: the probability is high that if either one of those becomes President for a final term in 2025, there will be WW3, and it will be the final everything. They have been promising that as President they will not let either Russia to win its war in Ukraine, or China to retain its Taiwan Province, and either one of those commitments will terminate our world. So, that is why neither of those is acceptable to vote for.

For an American to simply not fill in the Presidential line on the ballot will be irresponsible, however, because there are other options, including writing in a person’s name there, such as “Col. Douglas Macgregor” who has made unequivocally clear that as President he would NOT proceed any further toward WW3, and that specifically both Ukraine and Taiwan are legally and in reality none of America’s business — no threat, at all, to U.S. national security. But of course he isn’t getting any money from any billionaire; so, the only way he could even conceivably become America’s President is by his name being written onto Presidential ballots.

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Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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