Stella Assange’s Pivotal Roles For Julian

By Neenah Payne

Julian Assange, Australian founder of WikiLeaks, was freed from London’s Belmarsh prison on June 25. He had spent over seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy  to avoid extradition to the United States and over five years in  Belmarsh although he had not been charged with any crime.

Julian was able to celebrate his 53rd birthday on July 3 in Australia with his family, in part, because of the courageous role of his wife Stella. Stella Moris, the South African lawyer and legal researcher, joined WikiLeaks in 2011 after it released documents about Iraq. Because Stella is a Swedish national, fluent in Swedish, she was able to help litigate Assange’s case in Sweden. Stella is also fluent in Spanish and facilitated Assange’s asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in 2012.

Julian Assange’s Wedding Day and Status shows that by 2015, Assange and Stella were in love and by 2017, were engaged. Their plans to get married were derailed when he was arrested. Assange  and Stella (42) chose to start a family anyway and have two sons: Gabriel (7) and Max (5).

When Assange landed in Australia on June 26 and received a call from the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Assange said, “You saved my life!”. Assange’s attorney Jennifer Robinson  thanked the PM, the Australian ambassador  to Washington, DC. Dr Kevin Rudd, and other Australian officials without whose help Assange would not have been freed.

Julian Assange Is Back Home Now! says “Australian authorities had long lobbied the U.S. to drop its extradition efforts or come up with a diplomatic solution that would allow for Assange’s return home. “We wanted him brought home. Tonight that has happened,” Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told reporters shortly after Assange’s arrival. “This is a culmination of careful, patient, and determined advocacy.”

Stella Addressed Australian National Press Club in May 2023

Julian Assange’s 53rd Birthday Celebration: July 3 shows that Assange’s father John Shipton and  brother Gabriel Shipton fought tirelessly for Assange’s freedom. They traveled extensively throughout Europe, the US, Central and South America, and spoke out forcefully in Australia. However, it was primarily after Stella went to Australia in May 2023 to speak to the Australian National Press Club and lead rallies that the Australian government began demanding that President Biden release Assange.

Stella Assange Addresses Australian National Press Club shows that PM Albanese raised the issue in meetings with US officials in November 2022 but did not confirm he would discuss it with President Biden during Biden’s visit to Sydney in 2023. Stella went to Australia in May 2023 when President Biden was expected to visit. However, it was announced on May 21 that Biden had cancelled his plans.

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