Myanmar: The Probable Ukraine 2.0 in Asia and Why the West Fears China in the AGI Race

Did China Overthrow Myanmar’s Government? BRI Investment gone Wrong?


From the images we are now being shown, we can suspect this could be another proxy conflict similar to the type in Ukraine. In the second video, it explains well about shipping lanes being China’s weakness and how Myanmar giving China access to the Indian Sea helps with that. Of course, the second video, just like the first, is pure Western propaganda. I am not linking it because I agree with the conclusions, but some interesting facts are presented in those videos. The way it’s presented, since it’s Western propaganda, also shows us how they want us to see it. This should lead us to conclude their aims, which, in my opinion, suggest another proxy conflict.


Just so people can relax, a global conflict is not really a high probability. The West probably just wants to create a proxy conflict to accuse China, just like they did Russia, and remove China from the IMF to seize all their cash. Also, China doesn’t want conflict; it’s too weak and benefits if there is no conflict, especially considering AGI. So, China’s goal is to prevent conflict and let the weakening West fall behind, allowing China to win the race for AGI. China doesn’t want war; it wants the US to go bankrupt before the West achieves AGI. If I understand that, the whole world understands that too, which explains everything that is happening. For example, the Saudis don’t think for a second that when the West achieves AGI, they will be treated well. That’s why we see the whole world uniting to oppose the West. But the West doesn’t care; they are sure they will achieve AGI within 10 years. No one is as advanced in AGI as the West, and China is now scrambling to take part in the AGI race against the West. That’s why we have chip bans and all sanctions focused on AGI technology. I use the word “West” because it’s not just the US or EU, but also South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. These are the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and Western corporations are international, so they can use technical advances to procure AGI for the entire West. It’s not just Silicon Valley working on AGI; they use technical resources from the whole West. It’s like the Manhattan Project with nuclear weapons in WW2.


There is one advantage in AGI that China has over the West, which scared the West and was another reason behind the sanctions. Besides those sanctions being a logical step in such a race, there was another thing causing them and causing the West to be scared of China. It is a fact that China, because of their lack of privacy laws and high population, can produce more data than the West. If you watch my previous post and technical video regarding AI, it was mentioned that test data can be used only once in a learning process, which means the amount of data is also limiting things in AI and the race to AGI. That would mean that even if we have a technical advantage, they would still achieve AGI first because they possess more data to train AGI. So, crippling their technological progress in AI was even more important.


In my last post, people commented that AGI and AI are so-called “fads,” so let’s think a little about it. AI already, not AGI, is helping us create programs, find new things in science by analyzing data better than us, and is already replacing jobs. According to CNN, AI is already replacing jobs. We need to remember we are talking about AI, not AGI, and it’s AI that is commercially available. Now, let’s think for a second about what kind of technology they have behind closed doors. After all, AI is a literal golden goose. As I quoted in the last post:


“AI, we’re expecting it to be the future of the internet, like it’s supposed to be the next World Wide Web. This company is trying to develop artificial general intelligence, which is meant to do any economically viable job. It’s meant to displace people to a certain extent.”


“Any economically viable job” is a literal golden goose. Besides that aspect, it can make the stock market obsolete because it will always make perfect bets, make weapons obsolete by creating perfect weapons itself, hack enemy weapons, and devise perfect war strategies that will make you win all wars. We are talking about something smart, something that may become smarter than humans and without limits on that knowledge and intelligence, since we can increase it by increasing its power and amount of data.


People who underestimate AGI don’t understand that. I compare it to nukes because it will have a similar geopolitical influence, meaning complete submission like during WW2. The Soviets took Berlin; why do you think they went back from the land they were fighting for? Because the West had nukes. AGI will have a similar geopolitical effect, but people don’t understand that it will be a bigger change than even achieving fire or anything else we did before. The West understands that, and since they are being convinced by people developing AI that it will come in 10 years, they are willing to do everything to speed it up and make sure they achieve it first. When they achieve AGI and start to upgrade it to a point, they will be able to use it to bully the rest of the world like they did with nukes. They will not even need to use weapons of violence if they achieve AGI. One of the first things they will want to teach it is how to manipulate markets and the financial sphere by making perfect predictions. Just like AI beats the best players in chess and Go, AGI will beat the best stock market experts. That’s why they are not afraid of risking the petrodollar or anything else. They just need to make sure they won’t go bankrupt and default before they reach a strong enough AGI to take over the world.


If I understand that, people around the world also, they understand that it is all now about AI and AGI races. Nothing else matters, and almost everything can be sacrificed to win that race and achieve AGI. As I wrote before, China probably has a data size advantage, while we possess technological, geopolitical, and economic advantages, which we are willing to leverage to cripple China in the AI race. The rest of the world is probably waking up to this, but the West doesn’t care. They don’t care about being in a losing position, and with each passing moment, they lose economic and geopolitical advantages as long as they maintain an advantage in AGI. Because once they achieve it, the rules of the game change, and they will be able to impose another new world order on the rest of the world using AGI, just like they did with nukes.


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