Massacre upon massacre in Rafah, while Biden keeps Netanyahu in power

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator

The Israeli military continues with severe artillery shelling in Rafah and the use of quadcopters to chase people. At least 20 people were killed inside their tents as they were trying to flee within the past 24 hours.
At least 31 Palestinians have been killed across Gaza since early on Wednesday, as the Israeli military continues, ignoring calls from the international community and aid groups to stop.

Israel committed a second massacre against civilians in tents in Rafah, in less than 30 hours after its first horrific massacre on May 26, when Israeli aircraft bombed tents, killing 45 Palestinians, including three elderly people, nine children, and 12 women.
The Euro-Med Monitor field team documented the killing of seven civilians, including four women, after Israeli aircraft once again bombed displacement tents west of the city of Rafah on May 28.

The new targeting shows Israel’s insistence on ignoring all international positions that denounced Sunday’s massacre. Israel continues to commit the most heinous crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip with the intention of eradicating them, in flagrant and egregious violation of international law and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rulings.

Barely functioning hospitals across Gaza are dealing with an influx of injured people.
The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has recovered the bodies of two of its paramedics who were killed in Rafah last night.
During the war on Gaza, Israeli attacks have killed at least 493 healthcare workers, including nurses, paramedics and doctors, with many more injured.

How can Israel get away with it?
Israel can get away with mass-murder because the world’s super power, USA, defends and excuses them of accountability. The arrogance of Israel’s protection under the wing of the US State Department allows them to deny 6 million Palestinians of their human rights, and self-determination, which is a right ensured under the universal declaration of human rights, which the US is a signature on. It would appear the signature of the United States of America means nothing.

Why did the world stop Apartheid in SA but not Israel?
For decades, the world watched the apartheid government in South Africa. The US and other freedom loving nations put sanctions on South African goods, such as diamonds. In the end, apartheid was dismantled in South Africa because the white supremacist government could not survive economically while so isolated from global commerce. It was the economy which broke the back of the South African apartheid government.
Israel has an apartheid system of government, and the UN has reported their findings in the past. The entire world recognizes that Israel is an apartheid state. There is a thriving Boycott-Divest-Sanction (BDS) movement, but it has not gained a strong enough stature to break the Israel economy, as was the case in South Africa.

Is Israel worth supporting?
Israel is a very small country in the Middle East. They don’t produce oil and gas like some of their rich neighbors.
The US pledged in April 2024, about $26 billion to Israel, about $4 billion of that would be dedicated to replenishing Israel’s missile defense systems.
The US State Department, regardless of what president is on office, and regardless of what political party is holding the Oval office, sells the story to the American people that Israel is worth supporting because they are the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’. This is a blatant fantasy, with no basis in reality, but the American people have swallowed it, hook line and sinker.

In a democracy, everyone has an equal voice, has representation, has elections and a legal system which values life, property and equal justice.
In Israel, if you are born Jewish, you have democracy and human rights. If you are not born Jewish, you have no human rights, legal rights or property rights. You have no right to know legal charges against you, or have a lawyer on your case, or have visits from family, or know what your sentence is and how long you will be required to serve in prison.

Ariel Sharon’s nightmare
Ariel Sharon, an Israeli general and the prime minister of Israel from 2001 until 2006, once said he was not worried about an Arab army attacking Israel and destroying it. He said Arab unity will never happen. However, his true fear was something unforeseen happening between the US-Israel relationship, which would cause the US to stop supporting Israel, and this would lead to the elimination of Israel.

Biden will lose the election because of Israel
Despite the fact 2024 is an election year, and President Joe Biden and Donald Trump are polling neck and neck, still Biden remains committed to supporting the slaughterhouse in Gaza. ‘The Butcher of Rafah’ is Joe Biden. Biden and Hillary Clinton have called the college protesters ignorant. But, are all the protesters across the globe also all ignorant? According to Biden and Clinton, only they are intelligent.

If Biden had insisted Israel stop the war on Gaza, and stopped sending weapons to Israel, he might have gained a significant number of votes from educated and moral Americans who regard human rights and freedom as core American values. Biden’s choice to surrender the 2024 election to Trump in defense of Israel’s genocide in Gaza will go down in history. Biden has extinguished America’s standing as a beacon of ‘life and liberty’ to the world. He has irretrievably sullied the name of the United States of America, and the citizens of the world are disgusted.

US Campus protests and global cities protests
When the American college students began protesting the slaughter of innocent, unarmed civilians in Gaza, AIPAC immediately went to work. They contacted US Congress members, who depend on AIPAC support to remain in office, to start pointing a dirty finger at anti-Semitism as the cause of the protests. Young, highly educated people in the US were suddenly described as demented people living in the dark and protesting only because of their blind and unwarranted hatred of Jews. You can find people who hold antique anti-Semitic views, but they are not enough to fill college campuses across the US.

AIPAC picked Congresswoman Elise Stefanik to spearhead a congressional panel who questioned three college presidents. She was so successful that one resigned, and the other was removed from office. The one which identified herself as Jewish got to keep her job.

Israeli citizens are leaving
The Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv is busy these days with international journalist coming in, but even busier with Israeli citizens flying out to make a new life abroad. The right-wing extremist government under PM Benjamin Netanyahu does not represent all of the Israelis. Many are peace-loving and want to extend to their Palestinian neighbors the same rights they have enjoyed. Many Israelis are highly educated, and have traveled abroad, or lived or studied abroad, where they came to face the world’s opinion of Israel. The Israeli media only tells one side of the domestic politics, and never shows the plight and oppression of the Palestinians. The Israeli public are taught from childhood that they are the only humans deserving of rights, and everyone else who is not born Jewish is an inferior. The Israelis have a name for people not born Jewish, and this ethno-superiority complex is a form of delusion. There is only one race, and that is the human race.

Steven Sahiounie is a two-time award-winning journalist


This article is originally published at Stratgic culture foundation

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