A new study finds that ‘Covid’ injections cause tinnitus

A peer-reviewed paper published last month found that covid “vaccines” cause tinnitus.

Researchers from the United States analysed results from a survey and reports to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (“VAERS”).  The aim was to establish if there was a causal link to covid “vaccines” and if there were any factors that might increase the risk of tinnitus post-vaccination.

They found that covid vaccination does increase the risk of developing tinnitus. And metabolic disorders are a risk factor for covid vaccination-related tinnitus.

The researchers noted that symptoms of tinnitus started soon after receiving a covid injection, the frequency of cases was higher after the first dose and more women suffered from vaccine-induced tinnitus than men.  The difference in the number of cases between women and men increased with age.

Peer-reviewed Confirmation of Tinnitus Induced by Covid-19 Shots

By Dr. Jessica Rose

There’s a new paper on the loose that supports what many of us have been stating as fact for years: tinnitus is caused by the covid-19 injections.

The paper was published in Frontiers in Pharmacology on 22 May 2024 and is entitled ‘Covid-19 vaccination-related tinnitus is associated with pre-vaccination metabolic disorders’.1 The paper demonstrates a causal link between tinnitus and covid-19 injections using a survey on 398 cases of covid-19 injection-related tinnitus, and 699,839 covid-19 injection-related reports in the VAERS from 2021.

They found 7 main things:

tinnitus report frequencies for Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen vaccines in VAERS are 47, 51 and 70 cases per million full vaccination;
the symptom onset was often rapid;
more women than men reported tinnitus and the sex difference increased with age;
for 2-dose vaccines, the frequency of tinnitus was higher following the first dose than the second dose;
for 2-dose vaccines, the chance of worsening tinnitus symptoms after the second dose was approximately 50%;
tinnitus was correlated with other neurological and psychiatric symptoms; and,
pre-existing metabolic syndromes were correlated with the severity of the reported tinnitus.

I can confirm and corroborate almost every single one of these points using only VAERS data, and in science, reproduction is ESSENTIAL. It is staggering how many (percentage-wise) peer-reviewed studies cannot be replicated.

1. Tinnitus report frequencies for Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen vaccines in VAERS are 47, 51 and 70 cases per million full vaccination. (NB: these rates are for 2 doses.)

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