Gemma O’Doherty on the Irish MAM

The latest distraction event from the pseudo resistance is their phoney WHO Treaty Declaration. Oddly, the same crew were nowhere to be seen during the two-year legal battle against the Covid tyranny

The New Age ‘Truth Movement’ gathered in the west last week to commune with Mother Nature and assist the regime in their ongoing data processing of the ‘Far Right’. There were crystals, stone circles and yoga mats galore amid this raggle-taggle circus of crisis actors, conmen and tattooed NPCs who are promising to ‘change the world’ and ‘take back your freedom.’ Any day now.

It was more of a comedy show than anything with plenty of humour on tap provided in no small part by the IFP (Irish Freemason Party) who brought mortification upon themselves yet again with a lame stunt involving a rowing boat and a megaphone. Hermann’s Vermin embarked on a voyage to take down Tedros. Except he was nowhere to be seen and probably wasn’t even there.

Like all of the controlled opposition, these hypocritical grifters were also nowhere to be seen when the real opposition was taking on the State in Court in 2020, 21 and 22 to try to stop the lockdowns, mask mandates and dangerous vaccines. In fact, rewind to 2021 and you’ll recall how Hermann and Co were actually lamenting the ‘slow’ rollout of the vaccine. Although it’s fair to say, only the dumbest of the dumb take them seriously at this stage.

On tour from her castle, ‘Professor’ Cahill was also holding (‘sovereign’) court with the jewsual suspects. She has yet to be charged or even questioned for assaulting a bunch of Gardai during the contrived Ballsbridge Count Centre incident. Funny that. Rubbing noses with her was the Irish clone of ‘Dr’ Duplicitous John Campbell, Ivor ‘I’m not at all worried about the vaccine’ Cummins, who according to himself, never gets his facts wrong. How many are dead or dying because you pushed the clot shot, Ivor?

Financial scoundrel Eddie Hobbs also jumped on board the sinking ship, another pusher of the poison jab who told ‘The Examiner’ in 2020 that he was ‘extremely encouraged about the pipeline of vaccines coming.’

On his website, this shameless hustler promotes his cosy partnerships with the main drivers of the dystopian regime namely Blackrock, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. No other entities – all Jewish-run of course – have done more harm to the wellbeing of people in the West, yet Hobbs is in business with them. How does anyone still fall for this snake?

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