The Term ‘Global Majority’ is Just Anti-White Propaganda

Did you know that an amazing 25% of all estimated animal species on Planet Earth, and around 40% of all specific insect species, are beetles? There are approximately 400,000 known species of the order coleoptera in existence, although some scientists estimate there may be as many as 1.5 to two million in total, when you include undiscovered species that entomologists know absolutely nothing about. (So how do they know they’re there, then?)

The above facts are rendered rather null and void in nature, however, whenever you visit the nearest beehive, within which, in general, there are approximately zero beetles living whatsoever. On the odd occasion, though, just such a creature does indeed venture inside a hive of this sort, whereupon he or she, feeling profoundly alienated by the distinctly un-beetle-like nature of what he see arounds him, may immediately feel motivated to begin trying to forcibly decolonise the whole insect colony, in line with currently prevailing norms of academically approved neo-Marxist praxis.

Unreasonable Beehive-iour

“Just look at all this disgusting, deeply apinormative honey,” the Communist coleopteroid in question might self-righteously pronounce to all the assembled drones in the hive. “Where’s all the lovely tasty beetle-food we beetles like to feast upon? Looking around this appallingly undiverse place, you’d think bees were the only insects on the planet. Well they’re not. Instead, bees are a distinct insectoid ethnic minority, when considered in the racial round. As a proud and unapologetic beetle myself, I represent the clear invertebrate Global Majority, and as such demand to see much more visible representation of my kind in the immediate environment around me this very instant. Why are all your prominent public figures, like Her Majesty the Hive-Queen, so hideously yellow and striped? Why aren’t more of you wholly and admirably black and shiny of carapace, like my own good self?”

At which point, any sensible soldier-bees in the vicinity would respond “Because you’re in a beehive, mate”.

Except, maybe the soldier-bees might not react like this to the intruder’s presence at all. Instead, they may surprisingly welcome the distinctly over-demanding beetle inside, and begin systematically transforming absolutely everything previously bee-like around them to be more to his foreign tastes in supine compliance with his own dictatorial orders, to the bees’ own blatant disadvantage. But why?

#BeeKind to Others

Perhaps the foolish bees, just like many foolish humans within woke-captured white-majority nations like the U.K., had simply been brainwashed by the remorseless rise of the increasingly popular (at least amongst the governing and activist classes) term ‘Global Majority’, that we just saw our hypothetical beetle using when shaking up his local beehive.

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