Pandemics: A Business Opportunity

Relax for a few minutes, sit back and pretend morals and business ethics are redundant. Then imagine an infallible, risk-free business scheme in which you get to create the market, decide the product, manage its regulation, then have the power to confine people to their homes or remove their income until they submit to buying it. And no one can sue you or take you to court if it all goes wrong.

No legitimate government would allow that within its borders (except perhaps a few family-run or completely totalitarian ones), so aim higher and make this international, as it then ceases to be fantasy. All this is being negotiated within the WHO pandemic documents to be agreed by your Government in two months’ time.

So, imagine:

Your organisation will be a public-private partnership, so using taxpayer money but guided by the private sector.
You spin a story that a series of plagues are about to engulf humanity, exponentially increasing in frequency and severity (your partners control large swathes of the media, so don’t be troubled by reality).
Then use public money to set up a surveillance network guaranteed to find virus variants (i.e., go and find nature, you can’t miss it).
Governments have agreed ahead of time to give you power to control healthcare policy when you decide these variants pose a threat (not harm, just a threat). They have agreed that this includes border closures, restrictions on daily life of their citizens and of course mandated vaccination (in return for them ‘getting freedom back’).
Then transfer these virus variants to laboratories and pharmaceutical companies of your choice (your friends and supporters, who will in return give your organisation some money).
The pharmaceutical companies are ready: they have been receiving free billions from taxpayers annually under the same scheme to keep their production lines ready to profit from the market you are about to create.
Your pharma-investor sponsors also sponsor disease modellers willing to produce the most fantastic death figures to shore up public compliance.
You then use your powers to impose these lockdowns and insist that a 100-day vaccine must be rushed out to save hapless humanity and allow a return to an “inter-pandemic” period.
Once your chosen companies rush out the vaccine, you get to control the regulatory bit (more money changes hands), bypassing pesky safety trials and those interminable ethics reviews.
All the while, you can note any dissenting opinions that may reduce your market size; your governmental partners having already agreed to deal with them.
Once you have the profit flowing, you get to decide when the profiteering can stop (think ‘respiratory virus vaccine’ and more sponsored modelling – rapid waning of efficacy so lots of boosters to keep humanity safe).

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