Netanyahu’s streets burn with rage: Protesters and police clash in shocking scenes as they call for Israeli PM to resign and accuse him of standing between ‘us and the return of our loved ones’ held hostage in Gaza

Israeli police violently clashed with protesters across the country last night, as tens of thousands took to streets across the nation to oppose Benjamin Netanyahu‘s leadership during the Israel-Hamas war.

Protesters from all parts of Israeli society flooded streets to share their rage at the Israeli prime minister and his handling of the war in Gaza that has so far left nearly 33,000 people, most of whom are civilians, dead.

And police took extreme measures to get them under control, with photographers capturing brutal moments where cops dragged demonstrators across tarmac and beat them into submission.

Protests were held in cities including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, not only calling for the release of the estimated 130 people still held captive since October 7, but also for Netanyahu to be removed from power, following months of dissatisfaction.

The 74-year-old was last night undergoing surgery for a hernia that the hospital treating him said today was a success. Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem said Netanyahu was recovering, but did not immediately specify how long that might take.

But as he recovers, he will have to deal with the growing divisions within Israel, much of which his critics say stem from decisions he made.

Protesters blame Netanyahu for the failures of October 7 and say the deep political divisions over his attempted judicial overhaul last year weakened Israel ahead of the attack.

Netanyahu is facing a litany of corruption charges which are slowly making their way through the courts, and critics say his decisions with regard to the bloody war in Gaza appear to be focused on political survival over the national interest.

Many family members of hostages, and even hostages themselves, have called on him to resign and allow national elections to take place, having previously refrained from publicly denouncing Netanyahu to avoid antagonizing the leadership and making the hostages’ plight a political issue.

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