Cyber-attack against Kristian Kahrs from friends of NATO

Duraners. I am currently under a cyber-attack from malicious forces who want to destroy my online presence.

I am very happy that I have made a conscious decision not to hate anyone. My life is much easier with that attitude. I can have coffee with anyone in the world.
That said, there are a lot of people who hate me passionately, and they view me as their enemy. The latest now is that I have had some people, I am not sure if it is state or non-state actors that have attacked my websites,, and, removing all content.
I suspect the reason for this attack is that I have been critical of NATO in the public discourse.
Some of you might think it sounds paranoid when I suggest that I have been attacked by state actors, but I have to remind you that the Americans have their eyes on me, and I am one of the few Norwegians actually mentioned in Wikileaks.
I know that the American embassy in Priština says that I am a mentally unstable person, and the Americans are very well aware that I am very much against their global empire building. Maybe some idiot at the NSA Utah Data Center decided to try to destroy my online presence?
Now I do hope and pray that Donald J. Trump will win the election, not because he is perfect, but because he is our best chance to hit back against the unelected anti-democratic permanent state and the military industrial complex waging wars all over the world to enrich themselves. I hope Trump will fire thousands of the deep state warmongers, but of course I was disappointed when he failed to pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Some might claim that Trump is part of the problem, but we need to pray for a Trump victory in November to make sure that we do not end up with World War III.
For now, my hosting provider, has been able to restore The support staff, and especially Neha from India, have been great, and they should give her a raise! The access to my site is now secure from hackers, but I still need to restore and For now, there are archived versions available on, as you see in the links.
HostGator previously restored without images, and we will see what is possible now. However, it seems like I have to recreate from scratch. If anyone has experience in building websites and wants to help, I would very much appreciate your assistance.
So, am I sad that I have been attacked? Well, of course it is inconvenient to have my websites taken down like this, but it motivates me to fight on. I will be back with more newsletters as soon as my sites are up and running again. Thank you that I thousands of your email addresses to be independent of the social media monopolists in Silicon Valley. I will be back!

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