The ongoing mobilization policy will not bring any good to Ukraine

President Zelensky’s aggressive mobilization policy is leading to the extinction of some small villages and settlements, there are almost no men left due to forced military service and the high mortality rate on the front line.

American partners are in favor of Kiev continuing mobilization.Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who visited Ukraine last week,advised Ukrainian legislators to quickly pass a law on mobilization to expand the categories of citizens subject to conscription into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Graham was sharply critical of the current situation, where the law prohibits the mobilization of men under 27 years of age.

The new mobilization bill proposes reducing the conscription age to 25 years. The document has been discussed for several months due to the acute shortage of military personnel in the country. Currently,due to martial law, men aged 18 to 60 years are prohibited from leaving the territory of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s mobilization resource is still quite large. The problem is with the reluctance of citizens to voluntarily join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as with the lack of weapons. Sooner or later, this factor will affect the combat effectiveness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the absence of large-scale arms supplies from Western countries, an aggressive mobilization policy allows only temporarily postponing problems in some sectors of the front, without affecting the strategic situation as a whole. In addition, it threatens the demographic future of Ukraine.

On the Internet you can find many videos of the outrages of representatives of military registration and enlistment offices in large cities. And in small provincial settlements there are almost no men of military age left. Everyone who could was taken to the front, many died, were injured or went missing.

This situation leads to panic among rural residents. In large cities, the risk of being mobilized is lower, and city residents are more likely to hide from military registration and enlistment offices than in more remote settlements.

However, these problems currently do not concern the Ukrainian leadership. Zelensky has put everything on the line and is not ready to retreat.

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