Technology As Tyrant: A Glimpse Into A Dystopian Technocratic World

This writer correctly makes the association between Technocracy and Transhumanism and how they hold the same mechanistic worldview about the utopian/dystopian future. This radical worldview clashes with over 95 percent of the people in the world and yet is every bit as tyrannical as anything seen in history. — Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

By: Harold Fensky via HumanLevel AI

In the realms of both technocracy and transhumanism, there lies a shared belief, a kindred spirit, if you will. This belief holds that science and technology are not just tools or conveniences, but rather the very keystones of a utopian future, a perfect society.

It’s an alluring vision, an ambitious dream where the boundaries of humanity are not just pushed but entirely redrawn through the power of scientific management and technological integration. Let’s delve into this philosophy, beginning with its roots in technocracy.

The term itself, ‘technocracy’, was coined in 1919, but it was in 1938 that it crystallized into a more defined ideology. Technocrats argue that politicians and traditional forms of governance are ill-equipped to handle modern problems. Instead, they advocate for a society governed by technical experts — scientists, engineers, and technologists, those who understand the intricate workings of complex systems, be they in energy, transportation, or economics.

This governance model is underpinned by a profound trust in scientific methodology. Technocrats believe that through careful, rational, and scientific management of resources, a more efficient, equitable, and prosperous society can be achieved. The appeal is clear: decisions made not on the whims of politics, but on the solid ground of data, logic, and expertise.

Transhumanism dovetails with technocracy in its enthusiasm for technology, but it takes a more personal focus. Where technocracy is concerned with societal systems, transhumanism zeroes in on the human condition itself.

It’s a philosophy or movement that advocates for enhancing the human experience through the application of technology. It’s not just about making life easier or longer; it’s about fundamentally enhancing human capabilities — cognitive, physical, emotional.

Imagine, for a moment, a world where humans merge with technology so seamlessly that the line between biology and technology blurs. Transhumanists dream of a future where we overcome biological limitations — where aging, illness, and perhaps even death are no longer inevitable.

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