Fujitsu Won £1.4 Billion in New Contracts After Post Office Scandal

Fujitsu has bagged billion-pound Government contracts despite its known involvement in the Horizon software scandal. The Mail has the story.

Fujitsu received an estimated £1.4 billion worth of deals with Treasury-linked organisations since the High Court ruled that there had been numerous bugs and errors in its Horizon software.

The Japanese communications firm is set to have received more than £3.4 billion through contracts running with Treasury-linked organisations since 2019 despite its role in the Post Office scandal, MPs have found.

More than £2 billion worth of contracts were agreed before 2019 and remained active in the following period, the Commons Treasury Committee said.

HMRC has awarded the company eight contracts worth £1.39 billion since the ruling in 2019, while a further six contracts pre-dating the ruling remained active after 2019 but have since ceased.

The FCA agreed deals worth around £630 million dating back to 2007 which continued to run after the High Court judgment, and still maintains six contracts worth a combined total of around £9 million.

The Bank of England confirmed it had one contract worth £417,000 from 2019 which expired on August 9th 2020.

The committee had asked all organisations whether Fujitsu’s role in the Horizon scandal was considered during the tendering process and whether they thought about ending the deals in light of the scandal.

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