The Kabbalah Codes of Tucker and Putin – Richard Willett

Well it was hyped up by the likes of Alex Jones as the most important interview to happen for decades. The illusive Vladimir Putin sat down one on one with a man who I tend to believe is auditioning for the current vacant role of Messiah son of Jospeh, a role who’s purpose is to act as the saviour of the West. This man is former Fox journalist Tucker Carlson.

The Messiah Son of Joseph is what Carl Jung would perhaps describe as an archetype (Arch-on-Type?) though another way of describing it might be simply as a famous character role such as say The Hero or The Anti-Hero in the theatre play.

Mass Consumption means consumption of the masses by the 1% … Or Tax as its also commonly referred to.

The Hype Man

So the hype was on, and like a ring announcer for a prize fight (or WWE Scripted wrestling match) Alex Jones came out full force to promote his friend Tucker Carlson.

This is not a dig at Alex Jones by the way. I actually think Alex has done incredible work through the decades and I for one appreciate how he was a major reason why we have any alternative media in the first place. I also appreciate that as I write this Alex also had the courage to invite David Icke on to debate Alex’s support of Transhumanist Elon Musk ( We will get to Musk later).

WATCH HERE: If you have not watch it then its an absolute classic ending with the most bizarre phone in that may have been joined by Musk himself.

Having said that I also do not agree with Alex’s recent support of Andrew Tate, Elon Musk and the current narrative Tucker Carlson is now falling into. It really does seem like a small faction of well publicised “Alternative Media” journalists are now circling the wagons.

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