The West Is Panicky Over Africa’s Shift Eastward

The recent meeting in Moscow between Chad’s President Idriss Deby and Russia’s Vladimir Putin is the latest sign Africa is embracing the emerging multipolar world order. The West’s reaction to this and a score of other linkups is now on the level of a geopolitical panic. One by one, and in batches, the nations of Africa are spurning the old-world imperialists, especially France, and coveting Russia, Chinese, and Indian cooperation. At the center of it all, Chad is a keystone nation geographically and politically.

“Chad is one of our potential African partners. The range of opportunities of our [bilateral] cooperation is far from being fully tapped; we have plenty of work ahead of us.” – Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov

This first meeting between Chad’s interim president and Mr. Putin is significant for several reasons. First, and perhaps foremost, Idriss Deby’s visit indicates that Western pressures on his government are no longer working. Some may recall that Deby intended to attend the Russia-Africa summit in St. Petersburg but later cancelled the visit. Experts told TASS and other news agencies that Chad reduced its engagement with Russia owing to heavy pressure from Washington and the Europeans. These Western nations are not helping their African ambitions one bit by referring to President Deby (and others) as “junta leaders” and so forth.

Another sign that the tide has turned is that Chad’s prime minister was in Moscow a week earlier, inking an agreement to develop military ties with Moscow. Amazingly, the think tanks and policymakers in the West seem to be failing in every effort to stem the stampede of world nations driving toward BRICS membership and closer China/Russia ties. A recent Council on Foreign Relations report is a perfect example of the losing hand the American hegemony is holding.

Take a look at the map of African nations that are supposedly succumbing to so-called Russian “misinformation campaigns.” Miraculously, Chad sits in the center of a nest of other propagandised countries. Curious, no? Further proof that no policy geniuses live anywhere around the White House comes in the form of brainless admission of guilt. Part of the punchline of the CFR piece reads like testimony from a foolish criminal in an American court:

“The fallout from the war in Ukraine has revealed diplomatic fault lines. Analysts say the West needs to pursue more equal partnerships with African countries.” 

Looking at the Ukraine situation and wondering how idiotic it is for Western propagandists to try and include the proxy war there in matters concerning other nations and continents, a practical look reveals just how feeble the Liberal Elite’s ideas are. Take, for instance, the $233 billion given to the Kyiv regime to fight on Russia’s doorstep. That’s enough money to give every man, woman, and child in Chad $12,000. That’s seven times the per capita income, or enough to lift the entire population out of poverty. It’s enough to alleviate the suffering of over 1.4 million children who are malnourished. $233 million is enough to ease the suffering of the 238 million undernourished people living on the African continent. Think about that. Oxfam America says:

“The hunger African people are facing today is a direct result of inadequate political choices.”

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