US attempts to single-handedly resolve Israel-Palestine conflict failing – Putin

The monopolization of the mediator’s role by Washington has only led to a violent outbreak, the Russian president has said

The escalation between Israel and Hamas that has already led to the “deaths of thousands of people” has come as a result of America’s desire to single-handedly decide the fate of the standoff between Israel and Palestine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an emergency BRICS video conference on Tuesday.

The US had sidelined other members of the Middle East Quartet – a group seeking to navigate the Israeli-Palestinian peace process that also includes Russia, the UN, and EU – the Russian leader said. Instead, Washington has sought to “monopolize the role of the mediator” while blocking the efforts of other international actors, he added.

“The history has vividly demonstrated that attempts to single-handedly cut the Palestinian knot are not viable and counterproductive,” Putin said.


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