Golden Choice: Which Pill? – A Poem By Stephanie Weiss

“In some areas of my life I am still in the golden prison,

Trying to collect money to pay my admission.”


“Embarking to be free,

Sealed by the number three.”


Aren’t we lucky and must we not be grateful that we are alive on the “Earth”,

We accept our limited life until “death” starting early upon birth.

The rat race starts already early in schools,

Where you are being brainwashed with illusionary nonsense and learn all the tools.

To function well in this society,

While suppressing any doubts and anxiety.

With the family coming first, making sure you are staying in line,

“You must think and behave like us, you are mine.”

“Otherwise we don’t love you anymore, and kick you out,

“You are the white sheep” shouting out loud.

The religions out there to full-fill your inner divine desire,

Making sure you are a praying, staying small, and not reaching higher.

The new age scene is truly the best misleading road,

making sure the truth does not get unfold. 

To capture the awakening souls,

who are fed up with the Matrix roles. 

Upfront Reiki, the archangels, and a lot more,

they offer something that you adore. 

You just pay money, get a canal and heal?

Very simple, sounds at first like a good deal. 

They even present you the “pure” divine,

So that you are comforted, all is fine. 

For every taste there is something out there,

All kinds of Matrix masks to wear.

Take your colorful choice,

But please shut up, and don’t raise your voice.

Fall back into the hypnotic sleep,

while you have alcohol, and tons of red meat to eat.


But this is not the topic I want to speak about,

there are many others who shouted the message out loud. 

Read the books of David Icke, and others,

my dear divine sisters and brothers. 

Every divine child will be offered the red or black pill, when the time is right,

So they can take a choice, the dark or the light.

Let me correct myself here, Lucifer mis-used the word as a bringer of light,

so lets use another word, to put it right.

Love is better to describe the truth and our roots,

So that you can stop eating the forbidden fruits. 

To make you aware of the Matrix and your own divine heir,

that you can become souvereign, and shine with your own eclair. 

That you can awaken from deep within,

and conciousness can break in.

Indeed, they themselves have to tell you the truth, its universal law,

delivered to you with the dark claw. 

As a method they prefer movies in the genre fiction,

while the pope gives his “holy” benediction. 

The news will tell you what is coming, what scenario is in line,

but dont worry they care for you, all is going to be fine.


The fake alien invasion or the second coming of the Christ,

whatever meets the Zeitgeist. 

The New World Order is the big goal,

while stealing your most precious, your divine soul.

Everything orchestrated to keep you in constant fear,

I know it is difficult to hear.

To steal your energy, your gold,

that they are warm and you are cold. 

To make you fall forever, 

without you realizing it, it is so clever. 

Most likely one of the love warriors come into your life,

while they stand behind you, on your throat a knife.

“Dont you dare to awaken,

or you will be forsaken.” 

“You cannot truly believe these conspiracy threorists, they are wrong,

follow us and you will get along.”


What if everything is true,

and it is time now that you knew?

That cognitive dissonance is not a solution,

that it only leads you into confusion.


Truth is truth, even if you deny it,

You are scared, do you admit?


When the walls break, cry,

We are here for the tears to dry.

The illusion and trap is so incredible smart,

you can only grasp the truth with an open heart. 

The soul prison you are in…..

oh dear, I dont know where to begin.

First, differentiate between the humans and the soulless people, 

David Icke calls them “sheepl”. 

I call the people programs, illusions, guards or zombies

The Matrix´s donkeys.

With the goal to lead you astray,

making sure you never find your way.

Upon each “death” you are being recycled in the tunnel of light,

tailored for your unique needs, they know all your delight.


Indeed you are an open book for the dark and the divine,

so I invite you to re-define.


Who you are and what you want to be,

Think wise, that is what I plea.


That now the time has come to decide,

on which side of the fence to reside.


Which pill to swallow,

and whom to follow. 

When you defend the system you serve the dark,

rather remind yourself of your own divine spark.

May you take the right choice, 

and raise a loving voice.

May you swallow the pill of love,

and rise above. 


With love Stephanie Weiss,

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