Ruthless Hamas gunmen calmly raid family fridge after shooting brave pet dog… then torch the home in Israeli kibbutz where 108 bodies were found amid slaughter

Sickening footage has emerged of the moment murderous Hamas gunmen shot dead an Israeli family’s dog before storming their home, raiding their fridge and setting their home alight amid a campaign of civilian slaughter.

The deplorable attack was just one of dozens which unfolded in the kibbutz of Be’eri, a tiny farming community of 1,000 people where Israeli security forces and rescue workers later found 108 bodies after a long hostage standoff with gunmen.

The clip, obtained from the GoPro camera attached to the helmet of one Hamas fighter, showed how the dog came bounding out of the house towards the attackers and was immediately mowed down with several bullets.

Hamas terrorists promptly invaded one house and rifled through the family’s belongings, drinking orange juice from their fridge and gorging themselves on its contents.

Then one militant drew a lighter from his pocket and took it to the wall, sparking house plants and hanging ornaments that quickly set ablaze before the heavily armed men made their exit.

Another harrowing scene from the same kibbutz showed how a second group of Hamas militants gained access to the gated compound by slaughtering civilians at near point blank range as they sat in a car.

The footage of the brutal attack was captured by cameras mounted at various points overlooking the entrance to the kibbutz, protected by a yellow metal gate.

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