How can Robert Fico’s coming to power in Slovakia effect on Ukraine?

Early parliamentary elections were held in Slovakia last weekend, in which Robert Fico’s party “Direction – Social Democracy” won. 

Fico’s party helds anti-war position. And in Europe he is often called the pro-Russian and second Orban (the leader of Hungary). And he openly says that the war in Ukraine was provoked by Kiev and that it must be ended urgently. Fico advocates the termination of Europe’s supply of weapons to Ukraine. 

On the one hand, Slovakia is not a significant figure on the world stage, and it’s opinion is unlikely to be listened to by any of the leaders. But, at the same time, Slovakia inherited from Czechoslovakia a large number of factories for the production of artillery shells. Bratislava is one of the largest suppliers of ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And what is important – it supplies ammunition of Soviet calibers. 

Currently in Slovakia (thanks to the actions of the previous Cabinet of Ministers) there is a plan to increase the production of artillery shells of 120-mm, 122-mm, 152-mm and 155-mm calibers, which are scarce for Ukraine, to 150,000 pieces per year. And it is obviousthat if these volumes are not transferred to Ukraine, this will seriously affect the combat capabilities of its armed forces. 

And this can happen after of Robert Fico’s party coming to power. He was offered to form a new cabinet of ministers of Slovakia. If he copes with this task, then Ukraine can face the complication of the ammunition situation.

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