Doja Cat’s “Demons”: Can We Just Agree That the Music Industry is Outright Demonic?

I know. I published a whole article about Doja Cat just a few weeks ago. What else can I possibly have to say about her? Well, a lot.

The music industry is currently using Doja Cat to pump out some of the most satanic videos in rap history and it’s simply too blatant to ignore. Indeed, her video Demons sums up perfectly everything I’ve been writing about for years as it is basically about the music industry revealing its true, dark, and demonic side for all to see.

And people are definitely feeling that dark energy. Those are the top comments on YouTube.

With that being said, I’ve also been receiving messages that say something like:

  “She’s trolling you bro! She’s making these videos so you can write about them and you’re giving her free publicity”.

Listen, bro. Over 12 years ago, I was receiving similar messages about Lady Gaga trolling me personally. And my answer is the same: It doesn’t make sense. Are you telling me that Doja’s record label shelled out a massive budget to hire a big music producer, an expensive video director, a top-of-the-line stylist, and a bunch of Hollwood-caliber special effects people simply to troll one website? And all of these people concentrated their efforts and expertise to mildly annoy one dude in Canada? That is not how this works, bro.

Here’s the truth: This video would exist whether this website exists or not. It is part of an agenda that was determined decades ago. I am not the target of this video, the rest of the world is.

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