What Causes Death and Disability in the Covid Shots?

Experts estimate that 20 million are dead and 2 billion have been injured by the Covid injections1. The spectrum of symptoms people suffer from after getting the Covid shots is very large.  This is an indication that there are several undisclosed ingredients in the shots that alone or in combination with each other can cause this wide variety of health problems.

Researchers on five continents have been examining the vials and blood of the injected. So far the following culprits of death and disability have been discovered, though not all their effects are completely known yet.2 At the bottom of the article you will find a table listing the affected organ systems and the symptoms/diseases that affect them as well as the ingredient(s) most likely causing the problems.

Not all the examined vials contained mRNA, but we must assume that the majority do. It’s transported through the cell membranes into the cell and as researchers in Sweden3 found also into the nucleus where it can be inserted into the DNA via an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. It’s supposedly coded to force the cell to make spike proteins which are then expressed on the outside of the cell’s membrane. There it attracts antibodies that ultimately destroy not only the spike protein but also the cell presenting it.

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